Kingdom of Biberdamm

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Kingdom of Biberdamm (Königreich Biberdamm)
Flag of Kingdom of Biberdamm
Coat of arms of Kingdom of Biberdamm
Coat of arms
Motto: Kingdom of the North (Königreich des Nordens)
Anthem: Biberdammlied
LocationBeaver Dam, Wisconsin United States of America
and largest city
Beaver Dam
Official languagesEnglish, German
GovernmentFederal Constitutional Monarchy
• The Head of State
August IV
• The Queen
Queen Diana
Establishment18 March 1862 (De Jure)
25 May 2018 (De Facto)
• Counted Residents census
5 (2021)
CurrencyNew Prussian Mark & US dollar
Time zoneUTC-06:00

The New Prussian Colonial Kingdom of Biberdamm (Neupreußische Kolonial Königreich von Biberdamm), was constituent country in the Empire of New Prussia. According to history, it was New Prussia's second oldest state. It is considered as a colony as of 1 March 2023.


His late Majesty, King George I, a Prussian immigrant, created the Kingdom of Biberdamm. He created his own country, which helped him feel more at ease. King Lewis II was the most recent monarch. When he died, he stated in his will that he intended his wife to be the future queen, and Queen Diana is now the monarch. Prince Joseph is now the successor to her kingdom. Thanks to Joint Decree IV, Biberdamm now has a state coat of arms, state motto, and lyrics for its state anthem. Due to Imperial Decree X, Biberdamm is no longer a state in the Empire of New Prussia, and is now a Colony.

State Anthem

Biberdamm didn't have any lyrics for its anthem until the signing of Joint Decree IV which gave Biberdamm its state coat of arms, state motto, and lyrics for its anthem. The music is Der er et yndigt land. The lyrics were written in English and German by His Imperial and Royal Majesty, August IV.

The lyrics are as follows, "{ }" means repeat.

English: There is a lovely land, a kingdom in the north, {the flag is white and black}

Its name is Biberdamm, ruled by our queen, {long may she reign}

German: Es gibt ein schönes Land, ein Königreich im Norden, {Die Flagge ist weiß und schwarz}

Sein Name ist Biberdamm, regiert von unser Königin, {lang soll sie regieren}

Civil and Military Awards



  • Biberdammish Civil Merit Medal
  • Biberdammish Lifesaving/Bravery Medal
  • Biberdammish General Honor Medal

List of Monarchs

Image Name Became Monarch Ceased to be Monarch House
King George I March 18, 1862 March 18, 1926 (died naturally) House of Terlisner
King John I March 19, 1926 December 1, 1928 (died naturally) House of Terlisner
King Lewis I December 2, 1928 October 11, 2004 (died naturally) House of Terlisner
King Lewis II October 12, 2004 March 29, 2011 (died naturally) Royal House of Terlisner-Wolfe
Queen Diana March 30, 2011 Incumbent House of Rettkowski-Carlsen