Drygalski Province

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Drygalski Province
  Lukland provinces  


Coat of arms
Motto: Let it be winter
Province Map (Out of Date)
Country Flag Kingdom of Lukland. Kingdom of Lukland
Capital Henderson Island (de facto)
Headquarters Szogunpolis
Established and solution 18 August 2020
 - Governor (temporary) Luke I
 - Total 5,500 km2 (2,123.6 sq mi)
 - Land 5,500 km2 (2,123.6 sq mi)
 - Total 0
Time zone UTC+07:00

Drygalski Province is one of the third provinces of the Kingdom of Lukland. The province is in Antarctica.


The name comes from one of the islands in the province of Drygalski Island.



In November 1912, the island was first sighted from land by a Western Base party. During the return of the Western Base party home,they noticed a nearby island. Western Base party she also discovered the rest of today's provincial territory

Present times

On June 16, 2020, lukland made territorial claims against the islands of Drygalski, Masson, Henderson, Mill and Bowman Island. On that day, the Province of Five Antarctic Islands were established in this area. On August 18, the Province of Five Antarctic Islands were changed into the provinces of Drygalski under the administrative reform.

On November 16, the conflict over the Drygalski island broke out. On July 2, he renounced the island. Then the Drygalski Province lost its capital.


Drygalski Province is located in Antarctica.The province has one/two mountainous island and three/two fairly flat islands. The rest of the islands could sink up to 2100 due to global warming.