Democratic Royalist Party

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Democratic Royalist Party
Democratische Royalistische Partij
LeaderWesley of Gandensis (General Secretary)

Formerly the Royalist Party of Flandrensis until January, 2010


The DRP is the oldest political party of the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis and is the political ally of the Grand Duke. It was original founded as the RPF (Dutch: Royalistische Partij van Flandrensis) in November 2008 by the head of state Niels of Flandrensis. In those days Flandrensis just been reformed from an absolute to a constitutional monarchy. Until the reforms in January 2010 Grand Duke Niels of Flandrensis was the Secretary-General of the party and also a senator and minister of foreign affairs. After the rise of active citizens Niels passed in 2010 his function to countess Lynn of Tarvannensis. Her first act as the new leader was the disbanding of the coalition with the nationalist NPF.

As result of the 2011 political crisis in Flandrensis the government collapsed on April 30, 2011. Count Jasper of Cortoriacum, Minister of Culture, announced first that he would left the party. Not much later, the Parliament and all political parties were dissolved. After the 9th constitutional reform in 2012 he DRP was refounded by Count Wesley of Gandensis because of the Flandrensisian political revival. Under Wesley the DRP won the elections in 2013, refusing a coalition with the NPF the DRP is the most powerfull party in the Senate.


  • Foreign Affairs
  • Family
  • Ethic and Values
  • Culture
  • Climate, energy, environment

Senate (2008-2010)

  • 2008-2009: 7 votes (old system)
  • 2009-2010: 950 votes (new system)

In the first Senate Election (2008) each citizen gave one vote to one party. In the second elections the Senate adopt a new system to vote, each citizen gave 100 votes separated over 4 parties.

Senate (2012-2013)

  • 2012: 1 vote (old system)
  • 2012: 8 votes (old system)


  • Lynn of Tarvannensis: Minister of Economy (2008-2009)
  • Elisa of Gothenberg: Minister of Sport & Culture (2008-2009)
  • Jasper of Cortoriacum: Minister of Culture (2010-2011)