Cycle Licensing Agency (Norfolk Empire)

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Cycle Licensing Agency
Cycle Licensing Agency Logo.png

Official language(s)English
GovernmentGovernment agency
- ChairmanHRH Prince Cooper Norfolk I
Established9 August 2019


The Cycle Licensing Agency is a government agency responsible for licensing any type of cycles in the Norfolk Empire by issuing them license plates and by giving citizens licenses to ride cycles.


On 9 August 2019, HIM Emperor Jason Norfolk I announced that he had created a new agency in the Norfolk Empire. The new agency is called the Cycle Licensing Agency, or the CLA, and is in charge of licensing all types of cycles, such as a unicycle, bicycle, tricycle, quadracycle, pentacycle, or a hexacycle, with a license plate and a license for their cycle type. The Cycle Licensing Agency was founded to track all cycles in the Norfolk Empire and, according to HRH Prince Cooper Norfolk I, to look more professional. Citizens are not required to have a license plate on their cycle, even though it is suggested. They will, however, be required to have a cycle license. About 66.67% of the Norfolk Empire owned a cycle of sorts, mainly bicycles, at the time, so that agency was somewhat important.

Every citizen of the Norfolk Empire who owned a cycle and has been using it in a foreign country that does not require a license or license plate for more than one year, they would not have to take a cycling test. The price of a license plate varied between V2.84 (14.20 USD) and V34.94 (174.70 USD) and a cycling license will be free. The government will be funding the Cycle Licensing Agency through tax money, so that means that the process of receiving a license plate may take multiple months, depending on when the license plate is ordered. If it is ordered as one of the first licenses, it may take one to two months to deliver, but if it is ordered when the Cycle Licensing Agency is busy and has multiple license plates in line to be created, then it may arrive in six to eight months[1].


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