Colony of Ottoburg

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Colony of Ottoburg
Ottoburg Official Flag.jpg

Ad secundum ad suum dignum (Latin: To each according to his worth)
Demonym Ottoburgan
- Ruling Lord Lord Arthur I
Established 2012
Area claimed 3km²
Population 12 (as of 2012 census)
Currency Würdige Mark
Time zone UTC-3
This nation is a colony of Würdigeland

The Colony of Ottoburg is a Colony founded on 2012 by HIH Arthur I and Premier Piero Kaiser from Würdigeland It is Located in Lindóia, Brazil.


Ottoburg has great agricultural production, as well as a developed tourist centre. It benefits fully from it's fertile lands and knowledge about plantations.


Ottoburg upholds German Ideals and civilized behaviour, Given it's rural enviroment, Extreme sports are widely popular.

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