Chief Petty Officer of His Majesty's Navy

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Chief Petty Officer of His Majesty's Navy
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Rank Insignia

since February 2019
 His Majesty's Navy
TypeNon Commissioned Member
Reports toSea Officer

The Chief Petty Officer of His Majesty's Navy (CPOHMN) is the senior non-commissioned member in His Majesty's Navy.

The primary role of the Chief Petty Officer of the Navy is to provide the Sea Officer with the non-commissioned sailor's perspective, acting on behalf of all sailors in the Navy.

They are also the senior advisor to the Sea Officer on dress, discipline, professional development, administration, morale, training, welfare, conditions of service and the Quality of Life of all military personnel within the Navy.

List of Chief Petty Officers of the Navy

Name Tenure Picture
Andrew Flores February 2019 – November 2019 Andrew Flores in 2020-21.jpg