2023 Roscamistan presidential election

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2023 Roscamistan presidential election

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Nominee Thomas Jacobs (presumed) Ali Farrokhzad
Party United Front Alliance for Freedom
Home state  Greater Roscam  Connemara
Running mate Luke Iwasaki TBD

  Nyck Bradaten 2.jpg File:LuciNewPortrait.png
Nominee Nyck Bradaten Luciferio Mickomik
Party Sheetfuckery Radical Satanist Party
Home state  Audoù-an-Arvor  Lochrey
Running mate Azwariq Qadri Aleister Paxton

President before election

Thomas Jacobs
United Front

Elected President


The 2023 Roscamistan presidential election shall be the third official presidential election in the Republic of Roscamistan. Originally scheduled for 10 June 2023, it was rescheduled to 22-23 January 2023, following the 2023 Roscami coup d’etat‘s failure. After the double coup, the election was postponed again.

Candidates [a]

United Front

Thomas Jacobs is currently running for President as a United Front candidate.

Alliance for Freedom

Alliance for Freedom is the former ruling party in Roscamistan, and its leader, Ali Farrokhzad is the incumbent president. Farrokhzad was the first to register for the Presidential election, and is considered a frontrunner alongside Thomas Jacobs.

Democratic Action - The People’s Movement

Democratic Action has a few members who have intentions to run, including Esty Carpentieri, proletarian democracy candidate in the snap presidential election of June 2022 and Tobey Wyles.

Sheetfuqkery League

Party leader Nyck Bradaten registered for the election on 17 January 2023.

Radical Satanist Party

Luciferio Mickomik has intended to run for President under the RSP with Aleister Paxton as his running mate.


Independent candidates are likely to run in the election.


  1. Only includes parties with candidates likely to run