1st Würtige Guard Division

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Legio I Patriae

Legion banner
Founded 1 February 2012
Country Technocratic Empire of Würdigeland
Branch Army
Type Legion
Garrison/HQ South Würdigestadt
Motto Für der Vaterland, Für der Kaiser
Primary Weapon Kar98 Air Soft Rifle
Engagements None
Emperor Arthur

The Legio I Patriae is one of Würdigeland's military units and is also its oldest. It is assembled by the armies best men and equipment.

Formation and History

The regiment is one of the elite regiments of the Imperial army. The regiment is the premier formation in the army. The Regiment is based off of the Roman Legions, especially the first Roman Legion.

It passed in a macronational CQC course. Shortly after it was deployed in a reenactment of a World War II battle.


  • First formally established military unit of Würdigeland.
  • Composed Coronation Guard at the Coronation of Emperor Arthur I, as Emperor of Würdigeland.
  • First South American military division to have formal close quarters combat training in a macronational course.
  • Participated on the Siege of West Würdigestadt, bringing it back onto the fold.

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