Vice-Premier of Erusia

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Vice-Premier of the
National People's Assembly
of the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia
James Marshall, Laura Williams
May 29th 2009
Residence None official
Term length Six months
Inaugural holder James Marshall
Formation 2nd National Constitution
May 29th 2009
Website N/A

The Vice-Premier of the National People's Assembly (Erusian: Leohju Qaevaxu Tzeoq eg Vekair, Vekair) is an assistant to the Premier of the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia and a senior member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Assembly. The office of Vice-Premier was first established in the 2nd National Constitution and an a Premier may have one Executive Vice-Premier (their most senior assistant) and up to three other Vice-Premiers at any one time. Incumbent Premier Kai Roosevelt is the first to have any kind of Vice-Premier, with James Marshall serving as current Executive Vice-Premier and Laura Williams as Second Vice-Premier. The primary responsibility of the Vice-Premiers is to assist the Premier in their day-to-day political work and, if the Premier is unavailable, to perform their normal duties until the Premier returns to activity. Additionally, all Vice-Premiers exercise legislative power as standing members of the NPA Standing Committee.

List of Vice-Premiers

Term No. Order No. Name Premier Other Vice-Premiers Political Party Term start Term end
01 01 James Marshall Kai Roosevelt Laura Williams Communist May 29, 2009 Incumbent
(Term expires November 15th 2009)