National Syndicate of State Workers

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The National Syndicate of State Workers, officially the All-Erusia National Revolutionary Trade Syndicate of Employees of the State and commonly nicknamed the Single Syndicate, is a micronational Trade Union operating in the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia. Perhaps one of the only examples of a micronational Trade Union, the organisation was founded on 10 May 2009 to "provide full representation of the interests and rights of those who are employed by, and thus are workers for, the State and all organs of it's authority both national and regional". Although Erusia has yet to establish it's long-time promised rudimentary financial system, the government legally recognises itself as being the largest employer in the Democratic People's Republic and considered all those who perform official duties for it to be employees, regardless of their individual stations. As such, the ruling Erusian National Communist Party regarded it as it's ideological duty to provide a Trade Union for those in the service of the State. With almost all State workers being Communist Party members, the Single Syndicate is effectively an organisation for political rhetoric, although the Party hopes it will in the future become a crucial organisation in national politics. It is possible that the Single Syndicate may become a cross-party institution of real political influence, allowing members of the Erusian Democratic Workers' Alliance greater say in government policy. In the aftermath of the May 2009 Erusian General Election, P. J. Gaffney was elected as Chairman of the Workers' Executive Committee, making him the leader of the Single Syndicate.