3rd National Congress of the Erusian National Communist Party

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The 3rd Chaired Plenary Session of the National Congress of the Erusian National Communist Party, known commonly within the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia as the 3rd National Congress of the Communist Party, was a major event in the Erusian political calendar that occurred on February 25 2009, having originally been set for sometime between the 1st and 15th days of April of the same year. Then arguably the single most important political event in the foreseeable future of Erusian politics, the 3rd National Congress saw around 85% of all members of the Communist Party meet together for the third time to define Party policy and to elect a 2nd Central Committee to rule the nation. Unlike the previous two impromptu meetings of the National Congress, this session was extremely ceremonial, as was clear by the timeline of planned events.

Significance of the Congress

The 3rd National Congress of the ENCP will follow on just over a month since the beginning of the Second Red Reformation which saw the State brought under the total control of the Communist Party and turned the national legislature into a rubber-stamp body that will rarely reject a Central Committee-backed policy. The previous two meetings of the National Congress were largely informal and designed to get the Party functioning - for the first time in it's history, the Party will be holding a formalised meeting of all it's leading members. The State News and Creative Media Agency has reportedly been told to divert their attention from the national news service available to foreigners and instead focus on other projects, including coverage of the Congress and the subsequent 1st Plenary Session of the 2nd Central Committee, until March.

Media Coverage

The Erusian State News and Creative Media Agency has been directed to focus all it's resources on internal coverage of the National Congress, making it the most publicised event in Erusian history. Invitations have been extended to foreign media in Yongheng, whilst the Communist Party is willing to allow news services from other countries limited access to the National Congress if they wish to report on it.

Timeline of Events

What follows is a timeline of events according to the Programme of the National Congress, available only to attending delegates. All times are UTC on January 27, 2009.

Pre-Congress Events

  • 1600hrs
    • 16:30 Final Plenary Session of the 1st Central Committee
    • 16:45 Unofficial finalising of candidates who will be nominated for Party offices when elections take place later in the evening
    • 16:50 All delegates must be in their positions at the chosen venue


  • 1700hrs
    • 17:00 Opening Ceremony officially begins with the Chairman of the National Congress calling all members to silence.
    • 17:05 Chairman delivers the Opening Call.
    • 17:07 The Erusian Internationale is played, followed by Hymn to Bzan.
    • 17:15 Chairman surrenders the floor to the General Secretary; General Secretary gives opening address
    • 17:25 Chairman resumes chair; concludes the opening ceremony

Main Event

  • 1700hrs
    • 17:30 General Secretary has the floor; gives Work Report of the 1st Central Committee to those attending
    • 17:50 Earliest time the report may be concluded
  • 1800hrs
    • 18:00 Questions may be directed to the General Secretary
    • 18:10 Chief Political Officer has the floor; delivers Work Report of the Central Discipline Commission
    • 18:25 Chairwoman of the CAC has the floor; delivers Work Report of the Central Advisory Committee
    • 18:40 Work Report of the Erus City Party Congress by it's Secretary
    • 18:50 Work Report of the Sacrica Party Congress by it's Secretary
  • 1900hrs
    • 19:00 Work Report of the Santica City Party Congress by it's Secretary
    • 19:10 Chairman allows questions to be directed by those who have delivered their Work Reports
    • 19:30 Chairman advances to general party business; opens floor to discuss the legislative agenda for the next term
    • 19:35 Premier of the NPA delivers their general outline of this year's legislature
    • 19:50 General debate on legislature plans
  • 2000hrs
    • 20:10 Chairman opens floor to discuss general Party policies
    • 20:15 General Secretary discusses their vision for Party policy in the future
    • 20:25 Debate and proposals for future Party policies
    • 20:50 Chairman opens floor to general Party members to discuss other business
  • 2100hrs
    • 21:20 Chairman advances to nominations and elections for the 2nd Central Committee
    • 21:25 Nominations confirmed for office of General Secretary
    • 21:30 Nominations confirmed for office of Chairman
    • 21:35 Nominations confirmed for office of Chief Political Officer
    • 21:40 Proposal by the Chair to expand the Central Committee to five offices
    • 21:45 Vote on expansion proposal
    • 21:55 Confirmation of votes
  • 2200hrs
    • 22:00 Votes for 2nd Central Committee
    • 22:10 Confirmation of votes, 2nd Central Committee confirmed
    • 22:20 Chairman advances to matter of constitutional reform
    • 22:25 General Secretary (1st CC) proposes constitutional reform
    • 22:35 Vote on reform
    • 22:40 Confirmation of vote
    • 22:45 1st Central Committee officially retires
    • 22:55 2nd Central Committee officially appointed

Closing Ceremony

  • 2300hrs
    • 23:00 Closing address by the General Secretary.
    • 23:15 The Erusian Internationale is played, followed by Hymn to Bzan
    • 23:25 The Chairman officially dismisses the National Congress.

Post-Congress Events

  • 2300hrs
    • 23:30 Publicity sessions for State and foreign media
    • 23:45 Interviews with each standing member of the Central Committee
  • 0000hrs
    • 00:00 1st Plenary Session of the 2nd Central Committee, continues indefinitely