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The Erusian language
Spoken in: Erusia (mostly in Erus and Sacria)
Total speakers: Approximately 60-70% of Erusian population
Location: Europe
Language family: (Constructed language family)
  • Licentian
    • New Licentian
      • Erusian
Official language of: Erusia
Regulated by: National People's Executive Commission for Internal Affairs in the DPRE

The Erusian language (Erusian: Vezruhetoa, ) is the constructed language of the Erus and Sacria regions of the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia. Derived from New Licentian, a close relation of the Traditional Licentian language spoken in Sanctia, the language is officially maintained and regulated by the National People's Executive Commission for Internal Affairs which classifies it as an ethnically localised tongue, meaning it is not an official language of the Democratic People's Republic. It is notable among the Licentian languages in that it has less complex grammar rules, although some of it's rules differ to English and are distinctly similar to those of the Bzanish tongue. Approximately 65% of the Erusian population lives in a region where the language is present, making it common for use there. From May 2009 onwards, the ruling Erusian National Communist Party has vowed to redouble the efforts to develop the language and the State is believed to be working to publish an English-Erusian dictionary.


The Erusian alphabet consists of 22 letters, ommitting W, F, Y and B from the Latin alphabet. Each letter in the Latin alphabet has two equivilent glyphs (one lower case and one upper case) in the written Erusian language which, alike English, is read from left-to-right. Glyphs in Erusian often compact with each other to form new letters - when A and U are written together with Erusian capital glyphs they become a single letter (AU), whilst the two lower case glyphs remain separate. More confusingly are letters such as e, which is denoted by a single apostophre-like stroke that is drawn some way after the letter immediately before it.

Latin Alphabet

Ii Dd Ll
Rr Aa Tt
Kk Uu Mm
Ss Vv Cc
Pp Ee Qq
Gg Zz Xx
Hh Oo Jj


In many cases, Erusian words have an indirect translation into English. Internal Affairs becomes Keca Cihazu for example, literally meaning Home Matters because neither the word Internal nor Affairs can be translated directly into Erusian. Similarly, the word for political party is literally Vairax ze Tzeoq meaning Leaders from [a] Group, whilst Tzeoq is also used to refer to the National People's Assembly. Similarly, there is no word for Committee in Erusian, the closest equivilent translating as Council.

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