The Larsonian Herald

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The Larsonian Herald
FormatOnline blog
Founder(s)Thomas Larson
EditorThomas Larson
Founded27th June, 2017
Political alignmentUn-biased
LanguageEnglish, Italian (unofficial)
HeadquartersCapital Region, State of Larsonia, Aarbaro
Circulation1 - 3 views per week

The Larsonian Herald is an Aarbarian newspaper based in the State of Larsonia. It was founded by Thomas Larson on June 27, 2017, as the official newspaper of the new Larsonian state. It is the secondary news source in the Federal Empire of Aarbaro, being just behind the Pacemian newspaper, the Quo Times.

The newspaper is also claimed to be the Voice of the Larsonians.