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Regions of Sabia and Verona
Flag Mon Region Code Capital Joined the Kingdom Pop. Area (m2) Official language(s) Leader
Flag of the Region of Sabia.png Mon of Salisse.png Sabia SA Salisse 20 October 2012 42 107.82 Sabian, Lycene Carla Mora (J)
Pashqaria Flag.png Mon of Tegula.png Verona VE Tegula 20 October 2012 25 84.95‬ Sabian Petyr Cohen (HG)
Flag of Alios.png Mon of Nymoceru.png Alios AL Alios 25 August 2015 23 19.32 Sabian Andreina Rossini (HG)
Flag of the Region of Gonn-Fergos.png Mon of Darghanas.png Gonn GO Kotavari 26 November 2015 32 46,865.06a Sabian Dovedán Pashor (HG)
Flag of the Region of Lycem.png Mon of Vaaytos.png Lycem LI Vaaitos 23 February 2014 9 104.32‬ Sabian, Lycene Liam Sanfloss (HG)
Flag of Sabia and Verona.png Dogashemon.png Sabia and Verona SV Alios 20 October 2012 131 47,181.47 Sabian, Lycene Apollo Cerwyn (HG)
a: Most of the Gonn Region's territory consists of the Doga Runann nature reserve, which acts as a dependency of the region. Without Doga Runann, Gonn is 63.04‬ m2 in size.