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Micronational Cooperation Group (MCG)
Member States

Security Council Members (As of 29 September 2015)  Abeldane Empire Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic Empire of Paravia Usian Republic Zenrax


 Abeldane Empire Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek Republic of Covanellis Humanytaria Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic Noble Republic of Lurk Republic of Mcarthia Monovia Nedland Empire of Paravia Republic of Roseland Usian Republic Empire of Victoria Zenrax Federal Republic of Whestcorea

Secretaries and Representatives

Secretaries Patrick Renwick (Secretary) • Stephen Freayth (Deputy Secretary)

Representatives Mason Ansari (Victoria) • Radia Crann (Humanytaria) • Harry Fitzpatrick (Monovia) • Karl Friedrich (Lurk) • Bee Healy (Roseland) • Dallin Langford (Cinnamon Creek) • Mike Lewis (Lundenwic) • Gabriel N. Pelger (Usian Republic) • Patrick RenwickStephen I & II (Abelden) • Horatio Eden (Whestcorea)