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Slinky Empyre.png
Regulated byAuthoryty on the Slin-Englysh Language (Formerly)
The Clan Council of Gishabrun (Current)
Government of the Great Lawl Reich (Claimed)
Spoken inSlin, Burkland, Secundomia, Klaise, various others
Total speakers5-10
TypeSpellyng variant

The Slyn-Englysh language (sometimes colloquially referred to as Slynglysh) is a constructed spellyng variant of the Standard Amerycan or sometimes Canadian or Burklandi dialect of the Englysh language. Slyn-Englysh was the offycial language of the Slinky Empyre, as well as that of many other states surroundyng the Empyre's exystence.


Slyn-Englysh has had many variations, spoken by dyfferent people and for dyfferent reasons. They are, in order of creation, as follows:

Classycal Slin-Englysh

The orygynal version as created by Kyng Fyrst. Based off of Amerycan Englysh, but wyth the followtng rules, in the order of translation from Amerycan Englysh:

  • All foreign proper nouns and adjectyves are underlyned, and their form does not change after that.
  • In the remainder of the text, every letter i is changed to a y, unless
    • The i comes after an l
      • Unless this is the i in "Englysh"
    • The i is part of a vowel blend
    • The i comes at the begynnyng or end of a word

This version was rarely spoken near the end of the Empyre, being replaced completely by Vulgar Slyn-Englysh, especially after the Empyre's demyse. Classycal Slyn-Englysh was a offycial language in New Slin. It is currently the secondary language of the Tzardom of Yeno.

Sample translations

Slin-Englysh American English
Good mornyng! Good morning!
I like thys buildyng. I like this building.
I am a cytyzen of the United States of America. I am a citizen of the United States of America.

Secundomian Classical Slin-English

Spoken in Secundomia, not often in other places. Symplyfies the language to not require underlynyng.

  • The underlynyng of proper nouns adjectyves is dropped
  • The I after L rule is followed strictly, thus Slin-English is spelled with an I in English.

Vulgar Slyn-Englysh

This version was developed over tyme by Slyn-Englysh speakers other than Fyrst, and dyffers slyghtly from the Classycal version. Its rules of translation are the same as those of Classycal Slyn-Englysh, except for the followyng:

  • The underlynyng of proper nouns and adjectyves was dropped
  • The forms of foreign nouns and adjectyves does change
  • The i remainyng an i after an l rule was often dysregarded, and it was about an equal mix of is after ls, and ys after ls. This rule is most commonly dropped in the word "Republyc", and in the orygynal exception-word "Englysh".

Thys was the version most commonly used in the Slinky Republyc, and was spoken in Gishabrun. Vulgar Slyn-Englysh is currently endangered.

Burklandi Slyn-Englysh

Burklandi Slyn-Englysh is the dialect of Vulgar Slyn-Englysh used in Burkland. Instead of usyng Standard Amerycan Englysh, it uses Burklandi English. The process of changyng is to ys is almost same as Vulgar Slyn-Englysh, and the exceptions are:

  • If it is at the begynnyng or end of a word
  • If it is in a vowel blend
  • If it is the i in the word "Slinky"
  • or if a y processes or comes after the i.

Accordyng to Matthew Burklandssen, it is the most actively used Slyn-Englysh, cytyng that Burkland seems to be the only nation actively usyng Slyn-Englysh. HIM Tsar Kuri I has crytycyzed it, even saying that it might be Joke Slyn-Englysh. Although he later retracted those claims, he styll dyslykes that Burklandi Slyn-Englysh ignores the "l rule."

Reformed Slyn-Englysh

Thys version was proposed to the Authoryty on the Slyn-Englysh Language (once it became part of the Republyc) by HIM Tsar Kuri I, and had many complycated spellyng rules, and even some pronunciation changes. It was unpopular and never spoken. Reformed Slyn-Englysh is currently extynct. Matthew Burklandssen attepmted to create a pronunciation system whych will be much like Standard Englysh pronunciation wyth a few dyfferences, but it is not known what the fynal result was.

Joke Slyn-Englysh

Thys is used by many mycronationalysts to mock the Slinky Empyre, and especially Kyng Fyrst. Its only rule is that all is (or even all vowels) become ys, no matter where they are in the word. It was used on April 1, 2011, when the Main Page of MycroWiki became translated into thys version. It remains the most popular version of Slyn-Englysh, despite not being recognyzed as Slyn-Englysh by speakers of Vulgar Slyn-Englysh.


Dan-Englysh is the Danlandyc version of Slyn-Englysh. It was created by Kyng Daniel I of Danland. It is not based on Amerycan Englysh, instead it is based on Danlandyc Engliysh. The Danlandyc Government refers Slyn-Englysh, as an Englysh-based conlang and not a variant of Amerycan Englysh. It is very unlyke the other varieties of Slyn-Englysh.

Some differences from Classical Slin-Englysh and Danlandic English are:

  • Initialise is spelled "Inytialyse" and not "Initialise" as in Standard English
  • Slins are often refered as Slinks in Danland and in the fictional nations by King Daniel I
  • "The" is spelled "Ye".
  • Kyng is pronounced "Kaing" and Fyrst is pronounced "Fierst". Thys is pronounced "Tais" and not "this" (as in Classical Slin-Englysh).

Sandlynyte language

Although thys language is very dyfferent from Slin-Englysh, a byt of the language has some thyngs that are inspyred by Slyn-Englysh, such as the I's being replaced with Y.

Example as such is: English: I like chicken. Sandlinite: Y lauxchen cheixcheirn.

Authoryty on the Slin-Englysh Language

The Authoryty on the Slyn-Englysh Language was establyshed on July 10, 2009, as a Slinky organyzation separate from government control. The Authoryty determyned how words may be added to the language (up to 10 per Kyng). It was dyssestablyshed after the collapse of the Slinky Republyc. Regulation of Slyn-Englysh was allocated to the Clan Councyl of the Tsaryst Empyre of Gyshabrun when HIM Tsar Kuri I claimed the Slinky Throne, yet there is no recorded evydence of the Clan Councyl exercysyng its powers.

After the establyshment of the Kyngdom of New Slin, the Great Lawl Reich claimed authoryty over Slyn-Englysh.

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