Danlandic English

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Danlandic English

Regulated by Danlandic Language Council
Spoken in Danland
Total speakers 1
Family Indo-European
  • Germanic
    • West Germanic
      • Anglo-Frisian
        • Anglic
          • English
            • Danlandic English
Type Dialect

Danlandic English is the variety of English spoken in the micronation of Danland.


  • Danlandic English uses the British spelling of words like colour, centre and defence. But may also use American spellings like Centered (due to "centred" being too ugly for Danlandic speakers). There are also Danlandic spellings such as "pronounciation" instead "pronunciation".
  • Danlandic uses the British pronunciation of Z (zed) and not the American pronunciation (zee).
  • Danlandic English only uses -ise and does not use -ize. For instance, initialise.

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