Public holidays in Jailavera

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Tranchage symbolique effigie cheval (Veredosamos -Trinosamos)Jaïlavera

There are 19 official public holidays in Jailavera. The Veyssannia province observe 3 additional days. These holidays do not shift when they fall during a week-end, which means that the average number of observed public holidays falling on weekdays is 8.7 and ranges from 7 to 10. Public holidays in Jailavera are:

Official Holidays

Civic Holidays

Date English Name French Name Esperanto Name Remarks
From December 31 to January 2 Gregorian New Year Nouvel an grégorien Gregoria Nova Jaro Celebration of Gregorian New Year
March 1 March Fest Féria de Mars ou Fête de Mars Martia Festo Celebration of Mărțișor and Feriae Marti as Begining of Agricol and Military Seasons.
March 8 International Day of Struggle for Women's Rights Journée internationale de lutte pour les droits des femmes Internacia Tago de Lukto por Virinaj Rajtoj Demonstrations for Gender Equality
March 18 Paris Commune Day 1871 Jour de la Commune de Paris 1871 Parisa Komuna Tago 1871 Celebration of Insurrectionnal Commune of Paris, the most famous of old french revolutionnar socialist governements.
From 8 to 9 Mai Days of Victory 1945 Journées de la Victoire 1945 Tagoj de la Victorio 1945 Celebration of Victory against Fascism in World War 2
17 mai International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia Journée internationale contre l'Homophobie, la Biphobie, et la Transphobie Internacia Tago kontraŭ l'Homofobio, la Bifobio, kaj la Transfobio Souvenir des persécutions contre les LGBT dans le monde.
26 mai Leopold Deuff's Day Jour de Léopold Deuff Leopold Deufa Tago Anniversaire de l’actuel président de la République, né le 26 mai 1995.
18 juin Republic's Day Jour de la République Respubliko Tago Fête nationale, commémoration de la proclamation de la République du Jaïlavera.
26 juillet Esperanto Day Jour de l'Esperanto Esperanto Tago Commémoration de la publication du livre « Langue Internationale » par le Dr. Zamenhof (°1859-+1917), en 1887.
23 août Memory Day of Stalinism and Nazism's Victims Journée de mémoire des victimes du Stalinisme et du Nazisme Stalinismo kaj Nazismo viktimaj memoriatago Memory of collaboration of Soviet Union bureaucrats with leaders of Nazi Germany during during German-Soviet Pact and of traeason of Soviet Union bureaucrats about Proletarian Revolution due of Moscou proces.
1er au 4 septembre Administrative Return and Lyon Commune Day 1870 Rentrée administrative et Jour de la Commune de Lyon 1870 Ofica rentrado kaj Liona Komuna Tago 1870 Rentrée des administrations au Jaïlavera et commémoration de la commune insurrectionnelle de Lyon.
From 31 October to 2 November Trinosamos, also Samonios or Samhain) Trinosamos (aussi appelé Samonios ou Samhain) Trinosamos (nomigas Samonios au Saveno) Celebration of Halloween (in french "Veille de la Toussaint"), All Saints Day ( in french "Toussaint"), October horse ( in french "Cheval d'Octobre"), Armilustrium, and Battle of Maighe Tuired, as Celtic New Year and End of Agricol and Military Seasons.
November 7 October Revolution Day Jour de la Révolution d'Octobre Oktobra Revolucio Tago Celebration of Glorious and Great Socialist Russian October Revolution of 1917
December 15 Day of Zamenhof Jour de Zamenhof Zamenhofa Tago Celebration of birthday of Doctor Zamenhof
From December 24 to December 26 w:Christmas, or Yule, or Nowel w:Noël ou Jolif w:Kristnasko aŭ Julo aŭ Noelo Celebration of Christmas

Local Holidays


Date English Name French Name Esperanto Name Remarks
23 March Day of Republic of Veyssannia Jour de la République de Veyssannie Vesanujo Respublika Tago Celebration of remembering of Republic of Veyssannia
3 July Union of Republics of Veyssannia and Jailavera's Day Jour de l’Union des Républiques de Veyssannie et Jaïlavera Uniuno de la Repsublikoj de Vesanio kaj Jailavero Remembering of foundation of Union of Republics of Veyssannia and Jailavera
1 August Autonomous Province of Veyssannia's Day Jour de la Province autonome de Veyssannie Autonoma Provinco de Vesaniuja Tago Remembering of AUtonomous Province of Veyssannia

Unofficial Holidays

Civic Holidays

Date English Name French Name Esperanto Name Remarks
January 6 Epiphany Epiphanie Epifanio Celebration of Epiphany with Kings Cake.
February 14 Saint Valentin's Day Saint Valentin Sankto Valentina Tago Celebration of Saint Valentin's Day
December 6 MicroFrancophone Doorway's Day Jour du Seuil MicroFrancophone MikroFrankofona Sojlo Tago Commemoration of admission of Republic of Jailavera in Organisation of MicroFrancophonie