Coordinates: 41°23′N 4°27′W / 41.383°N 4.450°W / 41.383; -4.450

Prefecture of Blanssmesòu and Equinnaea

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Blanssmesòu and Equinnaea
Blanssmesòu y Equinnaea (in Spanish)
Blanssmesòu et Equinnaea (in Old Altannese)
Shúyroyrmoysena kuynaunfioryepá (In New Altannese)
Prefectura Oriental de Blanssmesòu et Equinnaea (in Spanish)
Flag of Blanssmesòu et Equinnaea
Blanssmesòu et Equinnaea within Altannia
Blanssmesòu et Equinnaea within Altannia
Coordinates: 41°23′N 4°27′W / 41.383°N 4.450°W / 41.383; -4.450
 • PrefectESGD Ana Bango da Quonca Roussa da Domeuanna (FAP) (FAP)
 • Rank1st
 (2018 registered voters)
 • Total4
 • Pop. rank
Official languagesSpanish and Altannese
Number of nobiliary divisions11 duchies, 2 grand duchies and 1 march
RegionEastern Prefectures

The prefecture of Blanssmesòu et Equinnaea ([blä'sou etä.'e.ä]) was the southernmost and largest prefecture in Altannia Unita, albeit the most sparcely populated. Its last prefect was ESGD Ana Bango da Quonca Roussa da Domeuanna.


The name of the prefecture comes from the union of two of its provinces, Blanssmesòu and Ouvratta d'Equinnaea. Blanssmesòu stands for "White House" or "White Manor" in Old Altannese, in reference to the Blanssmesòu Monastery, even if, nowadays, it makes up its own Alcaldía. Equinnaea stands for "Land of the Horses", in reference to the horse population present in the province.

Map of the the southernmost territories of the prefecture, made before their incorporation to Altannia Cogna


The territory comprised by this prefecture corresponded to the latest annexed territories of contiguous Altannia. Blanssmesòu was incorporated in 2014 to Eastern Altannia, and it would not be until September 3, 2016, that the remaining parts of the prefecture would be annexed. These territories have not undergone the same territorial scramble as their counterparts to the west, due to their late addition to Altannia.

Blanssmesòu gives name to its namesake treaty, which regarded the reversal of the Act of Eastern Surveillance, in exchange of granting the King of Western Altannia the title of duke of Blanssmesòu. Territorial reforms afterwards made this title shift into grand duke of Blanssmesòu Septentrionalis, which the Emperor holds to this day.

The territories of the former prefecture have not been historically united. Shortly after the annexation of the southernmost provinces, they were under the control of Iago del Verbo's Southern Altannia, but, in accordance to the principle of no power concentration, Issilumbratta was shortly after ceded to Northern Altannia. During the System of Ponttes d'Ecclesiatta, Blanssmesòu belonged to Eastern Altannia, whilst Issilumbratta remained a part of Northern Altannia.

In July 2019, the system of prefectures was abolished.


Blanssmesòu is a fairly lush province, thanks to the river Rousso da Domeuanna, which passes through most of its land. Parts of it draw the frontier between Blanssmesòu and Issilumbratta, making the north of this vast province a green area too. However, the southernmost and westernmost territories of the prefecture are generally dry, with the whole of Ouvratta d'Equinnaea being an arid territory, and Plannies de San Antonnio consisting, mostly, of golden wheat plains, despite its more humid duchy of Foresttes Ladderiennes, whose geography is more akin to that of Issilumbratta. The terrain is more rugged in the north and in the southeast, whilst the south and southwest are mostly flat.


Blanssmesòu et Equinnaea was a safe FAP prefecture, having only elected FAP leader ESGD Ana Bango da Quonca Roussa da Domeuanna as their prefect.

Term Name Political party Home duchy Inauguration date End of term Election result
1 ESGD Ana Bango da Quonca Roussa da Domeuanna FAP Duchy of Quonca Roussa da Domeuanna 27/11/2017 29/04/2018
3 / 4
2 ESGD Ana Bango da Quonca Roussa da Domeuanna FAP Duchy of Quonca Roussa da Domeuanna 29/04/2018 14/10/2018
3 / 4
3 ESGD Ana Bango da Quonca Roussa da Domeuanna FAP Duchy of Quonca Roussa da Domeuanna 14/10/2018 07/06/2019
3 / 4
4 ESGD Ana Bango da Quonca Roussa da Domeuanna FAP Duchy of Quonca Roussa da Domeuanna 07/06/2019 16/07/2019
2 / 3


Despite having been the largest prefecture in Altannia, Blanssmesòu and Equinnaea did not have too complex nor too many administrative divisions, amounting at four provinces and fourteen nobiliary divisions in total.

Province Map Representative in Congress Coronelía Nobiliary divisions Current holder
Blanssmesòu ESGD Ana Bango da Quonca Roussa da Domeuanna Linnea Urientalle Grand Duchy of Blanssmesòu Septentrionalis ESMD Álvaro Barredo de Blanssmesòu Septentrionalis
Duchy of Cariêr Meridionalle Deussiemma None
Linnea Stremma Meridionalis Duchy of Pappiera Magna ESGD Saúl Arribas da Pappiera Magna
Duchy of Plannies de Blanssmesòu None
Duchy of Quonca Roussa da Domeuanna ESGD Ana Bango da Quonca Roussa da Domeuanna
Issilumbratta N. Sg. Iván Zumeta Linnea Urientalle Duchy of Cariêr Sudecclesianna None
Linnea Stremma Meridionalis Grand Duchy of Issilumbratta ESMD Rachele Bacchetti d'Issilumbratta
Ouvratta d'Equinnaea N. Sg. Ceticilianna Mia Torres Duchy of Equinnaea None
Duchy of Portas Australles None
Duchy of Stremmo Cap None
Plannies de San Antonnio N. Sg. Carlos Gallardo March of Foresttes Ladderiennes ESMD José María Stathmos de Pepassia
Duchy of Qûncenttre-Airenss ESG Pablo I de Treiquatorça
Duchy of Triticalles Antonnianos None
Duchy of Vìes Scarss None

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