Álvaro Barredo

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President Álvaro Barredo
ESMD Álvaro Barredo d'Altannia Septentrionalis

I Grand Duke of Blanssmesòu Septentrionalis

Co-Prince of la Seu de Terranova
Emperor of Altannia Unita
ReignMay 13th 2016 - August 25th 2018
CoronationMay 13th 2016 (as Emperor of Altannia)
PredecessorGuillermo II (as King of Eastern Altannia)
SuccessorDefunct title
Interim President of the Altannese Republic
ReignAugust 25th 2018 - August 31st 2018
PredecessorNewly created office
SuccessorHimself, as President
President of the Altannese Republic
ReignDuration unknown
PredecessorHimself, as interim President
Álvaro Rodríguez-González Barredo

Álvaro Barredo is a former president, head of state, emperor, and co-founder of Altannia. During the years he was active in micronationalism, he contributed significantly to the prosperity of Ceticilia and especially Altannia. In early 2021, he retired from micronationalism altogether, citing his disdain for the pointlessness of micronations which do nothing but endlessly revise their own laws. His criticisms of these types of micronations have evolved into a unique theory of micropatriology commonly referred to as Álvaroism.