Coordinates: 41°23′N 4°27′W / 41.383°N 4.450°W / 41.383; -4.450

Capital Prefecture of Altannia Unita

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Capital Prefecture
Prefectura Capital (in Spanish)
Prefectura Magna Città (in Old Altannese)
Nuthaunkiosete (In New Altannese)
Prefectura Occidental Capital de Altannia Unita (in Spanish)
Flag of the Capital Prefecture
Capital Prefecture within Altannia Unita
Capital Prefecture within Altannia Unita
Coordinates: 41°23′N 4°27′W / 41.383°N 4.450°W / 41.383; -4.450
 • PrefectN. Sg. Rodrigo Marinas (NCA) (Ind.)
 • Rank6th
 (2018 registered voters)
 • Total7
 • Pop. rank
Official languagesSpanish and Altannese
Number of nobiliary divisions5 duchies and 1 march.
RegionWestern Prefectures

The Capital Prefecture of Altannia Unita, also named coloquially after the Capital City, Archaicomaioreo (/är.kaj.ko.mä.'jo.reo/) was the smallest prefecture by area in Altannia Unita, and the home to the Capital of the Republic. Its last prefect was N. Sg. Rodrigo Marinas.


Whilst the name of the Prefecture is of no etymological interest, the Capital City, Archaicomaioreo, comes from the Old Altannese word for "Old Town Hall", in contraposition to Novomaioreo, in Terra Phertille. It refers to it having hosted the first attempt at building a town hall in Altannia, although the small structure collapsed short after the beginning of its construction. Josep I has been officially blamed for the incident.


The Capital Prefecture of Altannia was the direct heir to the territories of the Ambassatoría, and, previous to that, of the Commendettimentto d'Altannia Nutralle. In short, it comprised small and diverse territories of strategic and historical importance to Altannia. The Prefecture was composed of six Alcaldías.

Advoquatta is a small territory, bordering Spain and totally surrounded, within Altannia, by the Grand Duchy of Cannaiea, created on August 13, 2015, with the partition of the former eastern province of Reggionne des Canniae.

Archaicomaioreo, the Capital City, is an exclave of contiguous Altannia, localized immediately west of the province of Lacs Commonnes. It was annexed in December 2013, and established as the capital of the country shortly thereafter. It has gained and lost its capital status several times throughout its history, but, with the loss of importance for purely territorial affairs in Altannia, its position as capital city of Altannia seems to be a stable one. In April 2017, the special region of Giardennios Imperialles was integrated to Archaicomaioreo. This region, a personal fief of the Emperor, will always be integrated into the nobiliary division that serves as Capital City.

Billiotare is an enclave within the duchy of Norde á Billiotare, established in times of the Republic of Altann, that has served numerous times as the Capital City of Altannia. Initially an Eastern Territory, it became a territory of the Ambassatore when it was named the nation's capital, and it remained that way until the reestructuring of the Ambassatore's holdings into the Capital Prefecture.

Cûnventt de Blanssmesòu is a territory located at southern Altannia, bordering Spain and, within Altannia, entirely surrounded by the Duchy of Plannies de Blanssmesòu. Formerly a march and a part of the province of Blanssmesòu, it was established as an Alcaldía in November 2017. Its main feature is its forename, the Blanssmesòu monastery, which gives name to the whole of Blanssmesòu.

Nesso d'Altannia is a territory located at northern-central Altannia, bordering the duchies of Endomenequa and Scallae Centralles. This Alcaldía plays a major role in Altannese strategy, since it serves as the only link between Western and Eastern pathways; thus, maintaining the neutrality of the area was always of the highest importance to the two Altannese Crowns.

Pirea da Sciusma is a small territory bordering Bobastria and Spain, established with the partition of the Territory of Bobastria. This is the only Alcaldía that, under Altannese law, is not considered contiguous to the mainland.

In July 2019, the Prefecture System was abolished.


Due to the small size of the Alcaldías, their geography is not remarkable in general, and they have traditionally been considered, along with Veiggillia and Reggionne des Lacs, "urban regions" of Altannia. The only significant geographical features in the Capital Prefecture are the Giardennios d'Archaicomaioreo, a lush area in Archaicomaioreo covered with thorned plants and of hard access; and the oak tree of Billiotare, its forename.


Politically speaking, the Capital Prefecture was diverse, and it did not show a clear partisan bias, although it came up, in general, more conservative than the average Altannese territory.

Term Name Political party Home duchy Inauguration date End of term Election result
1 ESND Adrián Santos de Billiotare PCA Alcaldía of Billiotare 27/11/2017 29/04/2018
2 / 3
1 N. Sg. Bernhard R. Independent Capital Alcaldía of Archaicomaioreo 29/04/2018 10/08/2018
3 / 4
1 N. Sg. Rodrigo Marinas NCA Capital Alcaldía of Archaicomaioreo 19/08/2018 31/03/2019
2 / 5
2 N. Sg. Rodrigo Marinas NCA Capital Alcaldía of Archaicomaioreo 31/03/2019 19/07/2019
5 / 8


Exceptionally, Alcaldías do not have representative in Congress, but they do have a province-level official, the Alcalde. Every Alcaldía is, as well, composed of just a nobiliary division.

Province Map Alcalde Coronelía Nobiliary division Current holder
Advoquatta ESM José Manuel I d'Altannia Urientalle Linnea Urientalle Duchy of Advoquatta None
Archaicomaioreo ESG Pablo I de Treiquatorça Linnea Primma Metropolitanna March of Archaicomaioreo ESSP Bruno Navarro di Archaicomaioreo
Billiotare ESND Adrián Santos de Billiotare Linnea Maiore Duchy of Billiotare None
Cûnventt de Blanssmesòu Vacant Linnea Stremma Meridionalis Duchy of Cûnventt de Blanssmesòu ESM Guillermo I d'Altannia Urientalle
Nesso d'Altannia ESMD Rebeca del Monte et Archaica Liçea Linnea Magna Centralle Duchy of Nesso d'Altannia None
Pirea da Sciusma N. Sg. Noverianno Matthew Cummings Linnea Primma Metropolitanna Duchy of Pirea da Sciusma None

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