2018 Altannese Presidential elections

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2018 Altannese Presidential elections
September 1, 2018 2019 →
Nominee ESMD Álvaro Barredo de Blanssmesòu Septentrionalis N. Sg. Noverianno Matthew Cummings
Party Partido Altannés de Unificación Nacional Federación Anarquista Altannesa
Electoral vote 25 6
Percentage 65.79% 15.79%

President before election

Newly created office

Elected President

ESMD Álvaro Barredo de Blanssmesòu Septentrionalis

On September 1, 2018, the first Altannese Presidential elections were held, after the Referendum on Altannia's form of Government made Altannia a Republic. The former Emperor, Álvaro Barredo, won the elections, but a significant amount of voters opted for new candidates. Only the FAA and PAUN presented candidates, the rest being independents.


More than 89% of votes went to partisan candidates, making this the most partisan election in Altannese history. This may be due to the fact that presidential elections, unlike most altannese elections, require candidates to formally run for the office, rather than being a candidate unless specified otherwise.

As with every Altannese election, STV was used. Only one round was required, however, since Álvaro Barredo got more than half of the votes directly.

First round
Candidates percentage
Álvaro Barredo de Blanssmesòu Septentrionalis (PAUN)
Matthew Cummings (FAA)
Mia Torres (FAA)
Adrián Santos de Billiotare
Noé Asensio
Miguel Ángel Morenas