2018 Altannese Commander-in-Chief elections

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Elections for Commander-in-Chief, 2018
← 2017 July 7, 2018 2019 →
Nominee ESGD Elemer San Miguel da Domeuannessa N. Sg. Miguel Ángel Morenas
Party Partido Altannés de Unificación Nacional Unión, Progreso y Democracia
Running mate ESGD Jorge Mompou des Ponttes d'Ecclesiatta
Electoral vote 23 5
Percentage 69.70% 15.15%

Commander-in-Chief before election

ESGD Elemer San Miguel da Domeuannessa

Elected Commander-in-Chief

ESGD Elemer San Miguel da Domeuannessa

On July 7, 2018, elections for the Altannese Commander-in-Chief were held, after a failed attempt to make the office an appointed one, rather than it being elected. The Commander-in-Chief started being an elective office in Altannia after the reign of Guillermo I, when he lost the rights of the Eastern Crown to command the Altannese armies. ESGD Elemer San Miguel da Domeuannessa, with more than two thirds of the support, was reelected for the third time in his career.


There were four candidates running for the office. However, Elemer surpassed the threshold in the first round, making further counting unnecessary.

First round
Candidates percentage
Elemer San Miguel da Domeuannessa(PAUN)
Miguel Ángel Morenas (UPyD)
Guillermo I d'Altannia Urientalle (Independent)
Adrián Santos de Billiotare (Independent)
Void votes