Parliament of Altannia Unita

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The Parliament of Altannia Unita (off. Parlamento de Altannia Unita) is the legislative body of the Republic of Altannia Unita. The Altannese Congress is the central piece in Altannia's government, and has been so, almost consistently, since its foundation in 2012. It is a tricameral parliament, with a varying number of seats in each chamber.

Parliament of Altannia Unita

Parliamentto d'Altannia Unita
Legislative Chamber
Referendum Chamber
Leader of Congress
ESGD Ana Bango da Quonca Roussa da Domeuanna, FAP
since 5 May 2018
7 Senators
34 Congresspeople
Senate political groups
Majority (4)
  •   PAUN (4)

Minority (3)

  •   FAP (3)
Bureaucratic Congress political groups
Political Parties (25)
  •   FAP (10)
  •   PAUN (10)
  •   NCA (5)

Independents (9)

  •   Independents (9)
Senate last election
January 2019 Altannese Senate elections
Senate next election
April 2019


Creation and early history

The Bureaucratic Congress was founded in the year 2012, during the first reign of king Asier I. At first, it was entirely composed of aristocrats, and under Western Altannese sovereignty. Votes in Congress were weighed according to the rank of each person's title, and any decision in which the Ambassatore and the King of Western Altannia agreed, due to the weighing of votes, would automatically pass.

Late Diarchy

Guillermo II's reforms and Empire


Lower Chambers

Legislative Chamber

Referendum Chamber


List of senators


List of extant and former Congresspeople