Prefecture of Magna Cannaiea

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Magna Cannaiea
Magna Cannaiea (in Spanish)
Magna Cannaiea (in Old Altannese)
Túypoyfa ghuwauxfioryepe (In New Altannese)
—  Prefecture  —
Prefectura Oriental de Magna Cannaiea (in Spanish)
Flag of Magna Cannaiea
Blanssmesòu et Equinnaea within Altannia
Country Altannia
 - Prefect ESMD Rebeca del Monte et Archaica Liçea (FAP)
Population (2018 registered voters)
 - Total 9
 - Pop. rank 1st
Official languages Spanish and Altannese
Number of nobiliary divisions 9 duchies, 2 grand duchies and 2 marches
Region Eastern Prefectures

The Prefecture of Magna Cannaiea ([mä kä'je.a]) was the easternmost prefecture in Altannia Unita, and the most populated one alongside Bobastria et Domeuannessa. Its last prefect was ESND José Miguel Novalbos d'Altannia Unita.