Parliament of Vian

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Aulic Council
Coat of arms or logo
HousesHis Imperial Majesties Most Honourable Aulic Council
Seats2 Senators

His Majesties Most Honourable Aulic Council is an advisory council made up of various appointed officials and nobles of the Imperium, and has no law making power themselves. His Imperial Majesty can also call a vote of them if he wishes, however this is rarely excercised. However, the council's opinion is valued by his Imperial Majesty and many decrees and acts are passed with there blessing.

Members and Structure

The Aulic Council consists of 2 people: HIM Proconsul Caesar Quinta Quinctius Laterensis and His Excellency Chancellor Nikolaj I of Norovia.

All acts and decrees that are passed into law are done so, usually, with the Imperator's direct drafting of said act or decree or at the vary least his consent.

To be appointed to the position of Aulic Council Senator you must have a knack for politics or be very high up in the social and political hierarchy of the nation.