North-South Mineland

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Virtual Territory of North-South Mineland
Flag of North-South Mineland.png

Territory of endless possibilities
Diggy Diggy Hole
North-South Mineland map.png
Capital cityNew Minaka
Official language(s)Burklandi
Official religion(s)Secularism
DemonymNorthern-Southern Minelandic
GovernmentMinecraft virtual territory
- PresidentMatthew Burklandssen
Area claimed4,096,000,000km2[1]
National animalMinecraft pig

North-South Mineland, or officially the Virtual Territory of North-South Mineland, is a micronational territory located on a single-player world in the indie game Minecraft claimed by the Marxist People's Republic of Burkland as a cultural project. All claims on multiplayer servers are considered part of South Mineland. South Mineland only consists of Leninopolis which is made of the Salawat Yulayev Island and the planned New Bashkortostan Trading Post.


The name Burklandi Minecrafter Territory comes from the fact that it is Burklandi territory in Minecraft, although a shorter name is often used, North-South Mineland. It was named that to give it a less generic name then "Mineland."


A Minecraft claim was installed by the Burklandi government, it was abandoned after Matthew Burklandssen was banned from the server. When he became unbanned, he had already lost interest in Minecraft. Later, when Matthew installed Minecraft on his new computer he created a single-player world and claimed it as Burklandi territory.

Government and politics

Seeing how the world is both creative and single-player, Matthew Burklandssen has almost absolute control over the land and political system in North Mineland, and still has a great amount of control over South Mineland but less then in North Mineland.

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