National Peoples Party (Zealandia)

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National Peoples Party of Zealandia
Nahiara Tangata Ropu o Moanawhenuaia
Nationale Volkspartei Seelandien
Nortional Wholks Partiet von Zålandien



Founded May 2, 2010
Headquarters Christchurch, New Zealand
Ideology Conservatism,

Liberal conservatism, Conservative liberalism, Dullahanism

Micronation Kingdom of Zealandia
Official colours Blue, white
International affiliation Conservative Union
Federal Network

The National Peoples Party of Zealandia (Māori: Nāhinara Tāngata Rōpū o Moanawhenuaia), also known as the NPP (and occasionally as the NPPZ), is a political party within the Kingdom of Zealandia and the current opposition party. It is currently not led by a leader after Daniel Anderson renounced his Zealandian citizenship and is also a member of both the Conservative Union and the Federal Network.

Political Stance

The NPP has a political stance very similar to Dullahanism with a few exceptions


The NPP was founded on 2 May 2010 by Admiral Fowler, who was then the Chancellor of the Exchequer of Zealandia to oppose the Social Democratic Party (known then as the Progressive Party) at the June 18 elections.

The NPP won 6 six seats in the Zealandian House of Commons at the June 18, 2010 Elections.

Since those elections the NPP has been an vocal opposition party that challenges the Social Democratic Party Government on many issues including the Royal Bank of Zealandia and National Identity Card Act. The NPP came into government in late October 2010 after the resignation of the then First Minister Kennedy. since then the NPP has governed in a conservative fasion and has at one point even tryed to stop the King from joining the SDP

Sometime in 2011 the founder of the party, Mark Fowler, gave the leadership away to Bradley of Dullahan who would later state that Mark Fowler is Father of Zealandian Conservatism and Liberalism.

Under Bradley of Dullahan the party joined the then-Intermicronational Conservative Alliance (ICA) (now known as the Conservative Union).

On May 16, 2011, the party came under fire when several members left to form the centrist Zealandian Democratic Front. That afternoon, leadership was formally transferred to Zealandian MP Daniel Anderson. Anderson accepted the leadership and stated that "Claims that the National Peoples Party has been succeeded by the Zealandian Democratic Front are unfounded. The Party shall continue to represent conservatism within Zealandia and it shall not be led in circles by ludicrous centrist policies."

Its former President and Parliamentary Leader was The Rt. Hon. Admiral Sir Mark Fowler MHC CZ OWC who was its Secretary General until November 28, 2011. On the same day it was announced that it would be renaming to the Reform Party on December 2, 2011.

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