Social Democratic Party of Zealandia

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Social Democratic Party of Zealandia
LeaderKing Anthony, Joseph Puglisi
ChairpersonJoseph Puglisi
FoundedJuly 27th , 2010
HeadquartersDenton, Zealandia
NewspaperThe Zealandian Times
Youth wingYoung Democratic Socialists
Democratic Socialism
Social Monarchy
Internal factions:
Social Technocracy
International affiliationSocialist InterMicronational
ColoursRed, White, Black

Nominally aligned to the New Zealand Labour Party, also aligned to Communist Party USA

The Social Democratic Party of Zealandia (SDPZ) is the largest political party in Zealandia, and currently in government. Contrary to the name of the party, Social Democrats make up a small minority, with Democratic Socialists and Marxists making up a majority of the party.


The SDPZ was founded on July 27 of 2010 after a merger of the Social Democratic Party (Zealandia) and the Progressive Party of Zealandia.

The SDPZ has been in government in Zealandia many times, and is currently led by parliamentary leader and First Minister, Joseph Puglisi, and Secretary General King Anthony.

The Social Democratic Party has since it's founding been a party that has tried to do the best for Zealandia within the bounds of Socialistic Democratic Principles, however during the Linden era it was largely ignored along with the NPP.


Party Structure