Meritable Order of Orange

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Meritable Order of Orange
Awarded by
The Archduke of Southwest Clinton
Established8 March 2023
Archduchy of Southwest Clinton
CriteriaArchduke's Pleasure
StatusCurrently constituted
FounderAugust IV
SovereignEmperor August IV
Chancellor of the OrderVacant
  • Knight/Dame Grand Cross
  • Knight/Dame Companion
  • Companion
  • Member
  • GOO
  • COO
  • MOO
First inductionTBA
Last inductionTBA
Next (higher)Archducal Order of Southwest Clinton

The Archducal Order of Southwest Clinton is an order of chivalry founded by August IV on 4 March 2023 and it is one of the fourth highest orders of the Empire of New Prussia and is the highest order of the Archduchy of Southwest Clinton.

Appointments are made at the discretion of the Archduke of Southwest Clinton with approval of the Emperor. This Order can be awarded anytime except for holidays. The Archduke may appoint only 100 citizens in total. The Archduke may appoint as many supernumerary Knights -Members of the Imperial Family and Foreign Heads of State/Government- as they wish.


The Order was established alongside the founding of the Archduchy of Southwest Clinton on March 8, 2023.


The Order consists of the Sovereign, Chancellor of the Order, Secretary, Gentleman/Lady Usher of the Orange Rod, 100 total Knights and members including supernumerary members.


Officers of the order are not of the hundred members because they are temporal.

Chancellor of the Order: Has the power to accept or decline the letter of recommendation and has the power to degrade members with approval of the Sovereign.

Secretary: keeps records of previous and current knights/dames of the order and does background checks on recipients.

Gentleman/Lady Usher of the Orange Rod: The representative of the order, maintains discipline within the order and grants access to the investiture ceremony.