List of micronations in Kentucky

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Below is a list of active, inactive, and defunct micronations in the US state of Kentucky. Note that "N/A" is used where information is missing, unclear, or simply is none.

List of active micronations in Kentucky

Flag State Capital Pop.
Flag of Tueoedeth.png Republic of Tueoedeth Tueoedeth City 20
Klaise flag.gif Klaise Monomew 22
Caharabella Flag v1.png Caharabella Belleville 6
Noflag.png Susanlandic Empire Doge City 15

List of inactive micronations in Kentucky

Flag State Capital Pop.
MelloniaFlag.png Republic of Mellonia Dukas 3
Noflag.png Grand Duchy of Ohio N/A N/A
Noflag.png Republic of Nosotro Verde N/A
Highlandia flag.jpg Republic of Highlandia Tyler 200,000
Tsurasian Flag.jpg Kingdom of Tsurasia Tsuri 13
CSA.svg Confederate States of America Union City 16

List of defunct micronations in Kentucky

Flag State Capital Pop.
Noflag.png Archususania Tuckysburg 102
FlatlandFlag.png Federated Republics of Flatland Auburn 25
Flag of angador.png Prosia of Angador Luinnar 1
Presburn.jpg Republic of Presburn Gorskiy 8
2nd Flag.jpeg Commonwealth of Perisia Starlightia 2
New Plaktukaian Flag.png Republic of Plaktukai Kennedy City 12
Eniarkian Confederation Flag.png Eniarkian Confederation Vicis 30
EniarkianEmpireFLAG2.png Empire of Eniarku Vicis 30
North American Union flag.png North American Confederation Imperial Residence N/A