Republic of Plaktukai

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Republic of Plaktukai
New Plaktukaian Flag.png

"Plaktukai, Our Mountain Land"
Anthem of the Soviet Union [1]
Capital cityKennedy City
Largest cityBargeria City
Official language(s)English, Russian, Slin-Englysh, Standard Galactic Alphabet
GovernmentDemocratic Republic
- ChancellorJoseph Kennedy
LegislatureThe Senate
- Number of seats - 3 Senators, 1 President
- Last election - November 29, 2012
Area claimedTBA
Time zonePST (EST + 1 sec.)

The Republic of Plaktukai (pronounced Plack-Two-Kay) was founded on August 28, 2012, but officially declared independence from the United States of America on October 20, 2012. The Declaration of Independence was penned and signed by then President of the Committee of Independence, Joseph Kennedy.


Originally a part of The State of Kentucky, the US citizens who lived in what is now Plaktukai were fed up with the corrupt government styles of their country. Led by Joseph Kennedy, they created what was then known as simply "Plaktukai". The form of government was undecided. Some wished for Kennedy to become King, or Emperor, or even Dictator, but Kennedy established the nation as a Democratic Republic during a meeting with the Committee of Independence. Platukai was known at first as the "People's Republic of Plaktukai", and renamed the the "Grand People's Republic of Plaktukai".

Plaktukai entered the Union of Micronational Soviet Socialist Republics, or UMSSR on November 2, 2012.

On November 29, 2012, the Declaration of Neutrality lead to many changes in Plaktukai, such as the abolishment of the predominantly Socialist government of Plaktukai, and the removal of any specific political imagery from national symbolism. Plaktukai was reformed as the "Republic of Plaktukai".

Government & Politics

Plaktukai was established as a Democratic Republic, in which all peoples of all parties vote upon representatives for government offices. Currently, Joseph Kennedy is the Chancellor of the Nation. The Chancellor is the head of the National Executive branch of Government. He approves and enforces the laws. Laws are created by The Plaktukaian Senate.

Political Parties

Party Name Leader Status
Plaktukaian Socialist Party Joseph Kennedy In Government
Centralist Party of Plaktukai Gunho Kim In Government
Plaktukaian Conservative Party No Head In Opposition

Law & Order

The Plaktukaian Guard serves as the police force of Plaktukai.

Foreign Relations

Current Relations

Hopeful Relations

  • People's Republic of Mandania

Previous Relations

  • The Territory of Wyhzette: All ties were severed when Wyhzette left the MicroWiki.

Refusal of Recognition

None, currently.

Hostile Relations

None, currently.


  • Union of Micronational Soviet Socialist Republics: Motherland (Formerly)
  • Intermicronational Military Confederacy: Enforcer State
  • World Union: Full Member


The Armed Forces of Plaktukai consists of 3 soldiers. The Chancellor serves as Grand General of the Military, and under him multiple Generals. As of now, the only General is Jacob Williams. The Chancellor develops new weapons technology in his spare time, such as the Hidden Wrist Gun.

Geography and Economy

Plaktukai is surrounded on all sides by the Appalachian Mountains, and is located near the Tugg River. The Plaktukaian Economy mostly relies upon the US. The currency of Plaktukai is the Plak, which is worth $1.25 in US dollars.

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