Republic of Nosotro

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The Republic of Nosotro is a new micronation established on October 10, 2009. It is located in the state of Kentucky in the United States of America. The government is comprised of a President, Vice President, and a Board of Secretaries. Nosotro is currently looking for people to be in the new government. Nosotro is a strong supporter of Peace and Earth-Friendliness. Cars are not allowed in Nosotro, although cars are allowed in the areas between the Provinces. The Capital City is Verde, Principio Province.

Current Timeline

October 10, 2009- Established as the Republic of Activ.

October 15, 2009- Reorganized as the Republic of Nosotro.

October 21, 2009- Internet Website was established.

October 23, 2009- Constitution was written by President Drew Hardy.

October 24, 2009- Capital City and First Provinces were established.

October 26, 2009- Passports are available.


  • Principio Province- Capital City is located in this Province.
  • Segundo Province- Smallest Province
  • Tercio Province- Currently largest province. Contains all the farmland where the iris's are grown.

  • Cuarto Province- Province currently with the most animals in it.
  • Quinto Province
  • Suma Province

Republic of Nosotro official website