Imperial Union of Edenia

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Not to be confused with the Kingdom of Edenia.

Impararde Aliantce che Edenia
Imperial Union of Edenia
Flag of Imperial Union of Edenia
Anthem: Greg, Lord of All Elements (NHSO Cover)
LocationUnited Kingdom
GovernmentRepresentative democracy
• Emperor
Horatio Eden (at dissolution)
LegislatureCommittee on the State of the Union
• Constitution ratified
3 December 2017
• Language enacted
18 December 2017
• Dissolved following War of Edenic Centralisation
17 August 2022
• Estimate

The Imperial Union of Edenia (Edenian: Impararde Aliantce che Edenia) was a self-proclaimed sovereign nation and the successor state to the Edenic Compact generally and the Democratic Union of British States specifically. The country was constitutionally ruled by the Emperor of Edenia, then Horatio Eden.

The territory on which the Imperial Union of Edenia existed was ceded to the new nation by the Edenic Compact, following the issuance of a declaration by the Lord President and Speaker of the House thereof that the Compact was to be dissolved. The territory was held before that by the Federal Republic of Whestcorea in 2015, though the nation ceded the territory to what was then the Democratic Union of British States before the country finally became the Imperial Union.

Edenia was dissolved following its technical defeat in the War of Edenian Centralisation.


Early micronational history

Full article: Federal Republic of Whestcorea
See also: Realms of Valdsland, Free City-State of Edenopolis, Democratic Union of British States, Edenic Compact

The territory on which the Imperial Union of Edenia existed was formerly controlled by the Federal Republic of Whestcorea, lead by Horatio Eden as Congressional Mememaster-General, who ran the government for nearly the entire existence of the nation before its fall into inactivity. Following Congressional failure to meet to deliberate on matters of state, the international chamber of the legislature, the Sen8, ratified a motion seceding from Whestcorea and forming the Realms of Valdsland, under Horatio Eden as Lord Executor. Valdsland would later receive an offer to federalise with the Empire of Paravia, but declined. electing to be ceded to Mercia, as part of a deal to give Eden a permanent seat in the Mercian legislature.

The Federal Republic of Whestcorea was at the time of the Union's founding technically legally active; no motion of the Whestcorean Congress, which has not met nor held elections to its body since its effective dissolution in late 2015, has legally dissolved the state. However, no micronation continued to recognise Whestcorea as the legitimate government of the territory, allowing Eden, in 2016, to form the Free City-State of Edenopolis, and later, in 2017, the Democratic Union of British States on the territory. (Whestcorea would later be dissolved following the establishment of the Empyrean of the Moon in 2022.)

These two nations later joined together to form the Edenic Compact which would ultimately govern the area until its eventual inactivity in June 2017, necessitating the formation of the Imperial Union on the 3rd of December, 2017.

Inception: 1E1 (December, 2017 - August 2022)

Following the ratification of the Constitution, a number of decrees were enacted, setting out, among other things, the various commissions of the government, amendments to the Constitution that add a procedure for amendment which was left out in the drafting process, and establishing regulations on civil aircraft.

At this point, however, the nation fell almost immediately into inactivity.


Following a declaration of war issued against Edenia by the President of the Empyrean of the Moon, the Imperial Union of Edenia's Emperor signed a formal instrument of surrender, agreeing to accept the Empyrean's jurisdiction and to dissolve the nation into the Empyrean. This formally brought the legal existence of the Union to an end.



The Imperial Union of Edenia used the Edenian calendar, created by the Decree on Various Conventions. The calendar starts on the 18th of December, 2017 at 00:00AM, with all dates before it using the format "Hour 0 - x", where x is the number of days preceding it. The calendar year is made up of four quadrants, periods of fifteen days. The quadrants take place successively, from Quadrant A through Quadrant D. Four years makes an era.

Dates are written in the form quadrant/day/year-era - for instance, the third day of the second quadrant of the fourth year of the second era would be written as "BQ 3rd, 4E2".