President of the Empyrean of the Moon

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President of the Empyrean of the Moon
Horatio Eden

since 15 August 2022
StyleMr./Madame/Mx. President
ResidenceNone set in law
AppointerUnelected dictator
Term lengthServes until death or resignation
Inaugural holderHoratio Eden

The President of the Empyrean of the Moon is the head of state and head of government of the Empyrean of the Moon. The President chairs the central government of the Empyrean, known as the Presidium, which is effectively an advisory body; they cannot act without the President's authorisation, while the President is free to issue laws within any remit essentially at will with few limits. In practice, this makes the President of the Empyrean an unelected dictator.

History and development


The President of the Empyrean as an office was established with the adoption of the Empyrean's Charter, which was drafted and signed by President Horatio Eden on 15 August 2022. In contrast to some of Eden's other projects, the Empyrean was an openly autocratic dictatorship, with the Charter giving the President wide powers to issue laws, mint currency, and engage in foreign relations with few practical limitations, though it did place restrictions on the President's ability to impede civil rights or to evade judgements of the Supreme Court.


In his first act of office, President Eden enacted the Wurtige Accession Act, a presidential declaration that would lead the nation to seek membership of the Wurtige Empire. Other presidential declarations created the Empyrean Mint, the nation's central mint for the manufacturing of the Empyrean Credit, the national currency, and the Secretariat of Home Affairs, primarily for dealing with citizenship requests.