Emperor of the Imperial Union of Edenia

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Emperor of the Imperial Union of Edenia
Horatio I
StyleHis Majesty
Heir presumptiveChancellor of Edenia (no incumbent)
First monarchHoratio Eden
Formation14 December 2017

The Emperor of the Imperial Union of Edenia, also referred to internally as the Crown, is the absolute head of state of the Imperial Union of Edenia. Within Edenia it is a constitutional institution that, combined with the Edenian Prime Minister, their cabinet, and the legislature, the Committee on the State of the Union, forms the Government of Edenia. The current Emperor is HI&RM Horatio I, who has held the throne since December 2017 and is the first such Emperor to serve in the nation.

The constitution gives the Emperor relatively unchecked power, with the authority to pass decrees unilaterally; they cannot, however, amend the Constitution without the approval of the legislature, and must grant approbation to elected officials.

The Chancellor of Edenia, appointed by the Emperor, is the Emperor's supposed heir presumptive insofar as the Chancellor becomes Emperor if the throne becomes absent permanently.

Full style

Emperor Horatio I's full style is currently:

His Imperial and Royal Majesty Horatio the first by Grace of God the Emperor of Edenia, King of the various Territories therein and Dominions thereof beyond the Seas, Lord Protector of the Great Seal of Edenia, Commissioner of the Edenic Government, President of the Committee on the State of the Union, Keeper of the Peace, Protector of the Realm.