Economy of Aarbaro

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Economy of Aarbaro
CurrencyImperil (ł)
Fixed exchange ratesI$1 = US$0.12
Fiscal year1 June 2017 - 1 June 2018
GDPł746.50 (FY 2017-18)
GDP growth357% (FY 2017-18)
GDP per capitał24.08 (FY 2017-18)
GDP by sectorPublic: ł46.5 (100%)
Private: ł700.00 (FY 2017-18)
below poverty line
Labour force10
Labour force
by occupation
Commercial: 30% Overlaps 30% of the government workforce
Main industriesMedia, software
Exportsł1.50 (FY 2017-18)
Export goodsMedia (News outlet, photos, videos), computer coding services
Main export partnersFlag of the United States.png United States
Imports$0.00 (FY 2017-18)
Import goodsMemorabilia, food, flora, software
Main import partnersFlag of the United States.png United States
FDI stock$0
Current accountł0
Public finances
Public debt$0 (FY 2017-18)
Revenues$0 (FY 2017-18)
Expenses$0 (FY 2017-18)
Economic aid$0
All values, unless otherwise stated, are in GDP

The economy of the Federal Empire of Aarbaro is highly undeveloped and small even among micronations. Prices are currently set by the Imperial National Bank, and only one company fully working within it and another planned to work partially within it. According to the Economic Potential Index, the economy of Aarbaro only scores a 2.4.



Most services of the empire are making wiki pages, memes, and making of currency. However, a majority of these are free, but there are numerous attempts to


Aarbaro entirely relies on the US for all imports, of which currently include software, media, food, and memorabilia from various locations.