Deputy Prime Minister of Efransa

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Deputy Prime Minister of the
Kingdom of Efransa
The Viscount Chatham

since 9 May 2019
StyleHis Excellency, the Right Honorable (Official); Your Excellency (Formal); Mr. Deputy Prime Minister (Informal)
Term lengthAt His Majesty’s Pleasure (Four months by convention); Also at the Premier’s Pleasure
Inaugural holderThe Marquis of Forcayenne
Formation11 October 2018

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Efransa (Efrasachin: Diputeda Premiora Ministèria du Rouiame od Elfransa) is the deputy head of government of the Kingdom of Efransa. The Prime Minister is constitutionally the head of His Majesty’s Cabinet, and by convention the deputy leader of the majority party in the National Assembly or the leader of the second largest party in a coalition government. The current Prime Minister is the Viscount Chatham, who has been in office since 9 May 2019.

The Deputy Prime Minister executes the functions of the Prime Minister in their absence, and often represents the Prime Minister in official functions. It is noted that the current Deputy Prime Minister often acts as an equal to the Prime Minister.


The office of the Deputy Prime Minister was established with the first Constitution, and was retained under various titles ever since, notably as Vice President of the Government, a title which has a different meaning today. The current office was created with the second Constitution on 19 April 2020.


The Deputy Prime Minister does not have very many of their own powers, but are devolved specific functions by the Prime Minister. Their only official function is acting as Prime Minister in their absence.

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