Cutie (cat)

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Cutie Cat.jpg
Pet of the Constable
In office:
Preceded by: Tommy
Personal information
Breed: Domestic short-haired cat
Offspring: 5 Kittens
Dam: Unknown
Born: 2015 (age 1)
Residence: Akenhuis, Campinopolis

Cutie (2015) is the pet cat of the Campinian Grand Constable Shady Morsi and his family during his constablcy. As an adopted cat, She, along with Tommy and Mishou, is the pet of the Morsi Family during the early years of the Morsi administration. Cutie was adopted along with her brother Tommy by the Morsis in 2016 after an advertisement on After a few days of having her, She had an accident involving turpentine. 5 months later, She gave birth to five kittens. The litter included four females named Izzy, Blacknose, Simba and Uno and one male named Barbatose. Her intelligent has been praised by people who met her. Cutie became pregnant again on 12 February 2017.


Preceded by: Pet of the Constable Succeded by: Standard f the Grand Constable.png
Tommy 2016-present