Berry Empire

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Berry Empire
Flag of Berry Empire
Berry Empire map
CapitalThe Sand Well
• Emperor
• Total
2 km2 (0.77 sq mi)
• Estimate

Berry Empire or Berries is a well-recognized entity[1] that claims to be a sovereign state[2], commonly known as a micronation that has significant achievements[3] in space exploration and software.


The Berry Empire was established on 12 December 2020[4], and the Constitution was officially instated on 28 December 2020[5].

Name history

The name of the state was changed several times throughout the nation's history.

Name history
Date Name
December 20th, 2020 Empire of Five Berries
December 21th, 2020 Empire of Berries
December 22th, 2020 Berry Kingdom
August 18th, 2021 Berry Empire


Berry Empire has three territories and the government is officially located in an abandoned building located in the Fields territory. The government building is a Class 2 listing in CAoNI (Cupertino Natural Interest of Nature).


Only one river is present in Berry Empire - Froggy.

There have been rumors about the river being contaminated by a foreigner.

Membership in organizations

Berry Empire has membership in the International Aerospace Community[6] since August 21th, 2021 and the Cupertino Alliance since September 7th, 2021.

Space Exploration

Thanks to continuous efforts of Berry Empire Space & Telemetry, Berry Empire is one of the first micronations to develop and successfully launch a reusable rocket.

Blueberry (Rocket)

Formerly known as Berry-1, the rocket was developed by Berry Empire Space & Telemetry.

The unsuccessful first launch of the rocket has been followed by a second, successful, launch that took place on August 13th, 2021.[7]

Blueberry managed to perform a supersonic shock shortly after it's launch. The rocket is missing as it landed on an unknown, most likely foreign territory.

Mulberry (Rocket)

Formerly known as Berry-2, the rocket was developed by Berry Empire Space & Telemetry.

The launch of Mulberry was successful.

Cloudberry (Upcoming rocket)

Cloudberry is being developed by Berry Empire Space & Telemetry.[8]


Population in Berry Empire is slowly increasing. Citizenship can be obtained online.[9]


Culture in Berry Empire is heavily affected by local nature.

National colors are Berry Red (#F01030) and Berry Blue (#104090). The colors are also on the flag.


Two law papers are in force in Berry Empire - The constitution and privacy laws

Foreign relations

Berry Empire recognizes each micronation active within a real territory. Berry Empire, however, does not recognize entities claiming territories they don't have control over.


Each Berrian embassy must comply with requirements specified on the official governmental website of Berry Empire.[10]

Berry Empire embassies in foreign territories

Foreign embassies in the Berry Empire



Developers from Berry Empire developed Micronear. The app has been published on the Google Play store[12] (Micronear on Google Play).
Micronear is the most popular and best rated maintained app about micronations on the Google Play store[13]. It has been acquired by the Cupertino Alliance[14].

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