Democratic Pangerian Socialist Republic

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Democratic Pangerian Socialist Republic (English)
Democratische Pangeriaanse Socialistische Republiek (Dutch)
Coat of arms
Motto: "Workers of the world unite, revolution is still possible!"
Anthem: Het land tot in den died
Official languagesEnglish, Dutch
Recognised regional languagesDutch, Dutch Pangerian dialect
President Abel K.
President Abel K.
comrade Febien M.
comrade Stijn v G.
Establishment5 November 2019
• (as of 2022) census
CurrencyPangerian Gulden
Time zoneUTC +1
Instagram [1]
The Pangerian national banner waving in the capital city, Brostow.

The Democratic Pangerian Socialist Republic, more commonly known as Pangeria, was formed in the Netherlands November the 5th 2019.

Pangeria, officially called the Democratic Pangerian Socialist Republic is a small micronation about the size of 17 football fields. Its capital city is called Brostow and also its biggest city. The micronation is located in South-Holland. It was established on November the 5th 2019. Pangeria is completely landlocked within the Netherlands, but does have an embassy in the micronation of Grouchia, consisting of a stone building in Grouchia’s capital city. Since 2020 Pangeria has been a presidential democracy and as a result of the first national elections the founder of the nation, respected comrade general Abel has been voted into office. Since the establishment of a democratic system the political party PCAP (Pangeriaanse Communistische Arbeiders Partij) (Pangerian Communist Workers Party) has been in power.


  • Polevoy-gorod

  • Mesova

  • Brostow

  • Brostow-oblast
Map of the DPSR in 2023

Ideology & Political system

The Pangerian political structure is built on the principles of Marxism-Leninism and Democratic centralism. The legislative system consists out of a people's assembly hosting 7 seats and a chairman. This assembly gets to elect the placeholders of the Presidium, which is by far the highest and most powerful governmental organ. The Presidium consists out of the President and the prime-minister along with a third seat-holder, who acts as a defacto vice prime-minister.

Pangeria's national assembly is lead by the democratically-elected PCAP party (dutch; Pangeriaanse Communistische Arbeiders-Partij). This party has been in power since the independence of Pangeria and its main ideology is based on Marxism-Leninism-Pangerianism, invented by the great leader.


Pangeria’s economy for the majority consists out of agricultural efforts by growing crops such as: tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers and apples. The farms however only operate in the summer season. The colder months of the year, Pangeria’s industry runs on heavier melting industry. Aluminum is the main material that is melted into coins and pure bars.


Pangeria has undergone a lot of currency reforms in its existence, for the first time the use of banknotes was introduced in 2020. Later in August 2021 the banknotes were updated and newly designed (by Edristan’s best designers). Also the value completely changed and Pangeria went from Pangerian Euro’s to Pangerian Guldens which are still in use today as a concept. However in November 2022 the president planned Pangeria’s final currency reform, completely redesigning the 1 Gulden banknote and tying its value to the Edristanian Ruble.

National Anthem

The national anthem of Pangeria has been completely renewed since February the 20th, 2023. The lyrics:

Pangeriaans volkslied

Couplet 1: Uit vlaktes en bos, Uit meren en veld, Van noorden tot zuid, Elke uithoek van het land, En de mensen op het land, Van briljante cultuur, Zingen alle hetzelfde lied, Het land tot in den died,

Refrein: Geen land waar men zo vrij kan zijn als hier, Geen staat waar het volk overwonnen heeft, Alleen in Pangeria hier is harmonie, En waar de bloesem vrij bloeit, En de zon fel schijnt,

Couplet 2: Kijk op naar ons land, Een van rijkdom en recht, Sinds de re-vo-lu-tie, Leven mensen hier vrij, En de bloemen op het land, Van een schoonheid-onbekend, Bloeien allen het hele jaar, Onder Pangeriaanse zon!


Couplet 3: Kameraden hoofden omhoog, Marcheer door de tijd, Voorwaarts maar vergeet niet, Want de strijd blijft een feit, Ons volk stapt vooruit, Tot de dag van vandaag, En de vlag van ons land, Wappert mee door de strijd,



The Pangerian armed forces has been the main enforcer of law within the nation, since the beginning in 2019. Originally called: Red Guard (Dutch; Rode Garde), it is often referred to as the Pangerian armed forces or the army.

The Red Guard consists out of three branches, them being: the landforces, the PAD (Pangerian Air Defence) and the Pangerian navy. All branches make use of weaponry like rifles dating back to maximally 40 years ago. Within the army use of ex-Soviet uniforms is common, as the government invests a lot in purchasing equipment for its armed forces. Hence it is quite common to see Pangerian infantry being equipped with M69 Soviet field tunic's and SSH40 helmets.

Pangeria's rocket force, which is under control of both the landforces and the PAD, has been invested in exponentially recent years. Making use of smaller missiles that can be fired from barrels or even rocket launcers.

By far the most advanced branch of the Pangerian military is its artillery, which falls under the responsibility of the landforces. The military high command directly orders the engineering of larger rocket launchers and canons, which are produced within weeks.

To the Pangerians it is most important to keep and maintain a strong present military power in order to protect its borders and prevent the enemy from withholding our independence.