Atlean general election, 2012

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Atlantis General Elections, 2012
6 December 2011
Candidate Sante Carbone Donato De Lellis
Party Social Democratic Party (Atlantis) Atlantis Conservative Party
Home state Poseidon Poseidon
Running mate Nicholas Larsen Jennifer Tennant
States carried 2 1
Percentage 54.6% 44.4%

Prime Minister before election

Donato De Lellis
Atlantis Conservative Party

Elected Prime Minister

Sante Carbone
Social Democratic Party (Atlantis)

The Atlantis General Elections of 2012 (Italian: Elezioni Generali Atlantidee 2012) will be held on Thursday 6 December 2011 to elect members to the Chamber of Deputies. The election will take place in 3 federations across the Republic of Atlantis under the majority system. This will be the first election with the majority system, proposed by the De Lellis Government during the second legislature.



Conservative electoral poster

Especially the Conservative Party did a lot of propaganda and a massive electoral campaign during November 2011. Especially the Prime Minister Donato De Lellis that made posters and banners to use on the internet and the official forum of the Republic to spur the conservative electorate. The SDP didn't start the electoral campaign before the 20 November 2011 after their leadership election. The first step of the Socialdemocrats for this election was to change symbol of the party. The new leader of the SDP Sante Carbone choose to adpot the symbol used until now with the star. Anyway the SDP decided to form the new shadow cabinet, since this could bring many votes.

The first meeting of the new SocialDemocratic Party with Carbone with a conference was the 17 November, afer a political manifestation.


The time for an electoral campaign in December wasn't much, but the SDP did his massive campaign especially in December 2011, since they had a new leader, a new shadow cabinet and a storng party. The SDP inaugurated their own website for the party just few day before the start of this election and the 3rd December, one day before the start of the election Sante Carbone did a video where he explained his project for the Republic and the government, presenting some of the candidates of the party for the election.


In the days before the General Election the polls gave the socialdemocrats and the conservatives almost equal as number of supporters and voters. Anyway the first day of election of the Atlantis Post was posted the poll of the first day of election where the SDP was ahed with a 70% of votes.


Conservative Party


Social Democratic Party

The search of a candidate for this election started during October 2011 when the former leader of the party, Alexander Eastwood decided to not run for this election since his loss in the Atlantis General Elections of 2011. After the Atlantis SocialDemocratic Leadership Elections of 2012 that saw Sante Carbone the winner of the election he decided to form a new shadow cabinet and to have as Deputy Prime Minister Nicholas Larsen to win in the Federation of New Scotland. He formed a strong cabinet with many poupular names like Alexander Eastwood and Manuel De Felice but also with new candidates like Dain Reevahn.