Alonia (Arkapore)

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Territory of Alonia
Wilayah Alonia
Motto: Berdiri di Atas Kaki Sendiri
Standing on Own Feet
StatusDependency of Arkapore
and largest city
Kota Alonia
Official languagesIndonesian
GovernmentDependent Territory
• Chairman
Tian Abdurrahman
• Governor-General
Muhammad Amir Syarifuddin
LegislatureAlonian Parliament
Dependent territory of Arkapore
• Unification
6 August 2014
• Independence
25 October 2014
• Total
50 km2 (19 sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+7 (GMT)
Succeeded by
[[Republic of Alonia Berdikari]] Alonia republic.gif
Today part ofRepublic of Alonia Berdikari

Dependent Territory of Alonia or Alonia (Indonesian : Wilayah Dependensi Alonia) was an Arkaporean dependent territory located in Lamongan, Java Island. Alonia was established as independent micronation in 6 August 2014 before immediately joined Arkapore as dependent territory, and shortly returned as independent in 25 October 2014. Alonia was later reformed as Republic of Alonia Berdikari in 2020.


Alonia was founded as an independent Republic of Alonia in 6 August 2014 by Muhammad Amir Syarifuddin as leader. Early days of Alonia was hindered due to Amir lack of experience on micronational government. Arkaporean leader Tian Abdurrahman later initiate a dialogue with Alonia to provide assistance to the new country, which was immediately accepted by Amir, which allowed Alonia to be administer by Arkapore as a dependent territory temporarily. Tian later promised Amir to allow an independence referendum to took place 3 months after Alonian dependent territory status expired.

A referendum on Alonian independence was took place in 3 October 2014, with the results overwhelmingly supported independence from Arkapore. Despite initial resistance from Tian to recognise the results, he later relented and allow Alonia to be independent in 25 October 2014, the initial promised date of the referendum.


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