Alonia (Arkapore)

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Territory of Alonia


Java Island , Indonesia
Capital city Kota Alonia
Largest city Kota Alonia
Official language(s) Indonesian & English
Official religion(s) Islam
Demonym Alonian
Government Dependent Territory of Arkapore
- Chairman Tian Abdurahman
- General Governor Muhammad Amir Syarifudin
Legislature Parliament of Alonia
Established August 6th 2014
Area claimed 50m²
Population 1 Registered
~1 Permanent residents
Currency Indonesian Rupiah Artos Arkapura
Time zone UTC + 7


Dependent Territory of Alonia or Alonia (Indonesian : Wilayah Dependensi Alonia) is Arkaporean dependent territory located in Lamongan, Java Island, Alonia name comes from the English language of the word Alone


Before being a Dependent Territory of Arkapore leader of Alonia Muhammad Amir Syarifudin will build sovereign micronations called Republic of Alonia, but his knowledge about micronational constitutional very limited, Then the Chairman of Arkapore Tian Abdurrahman provide assistance to Alonian by teaching the leader of Alonia Muhammad Amir Syarifudin about micronational constitutional and temporarily Alonia became a protectorate of Arkapore.


Arkapore will sponsoring Alonian independence referendum, Alonia independence referendum will be held 3 months after joining Alonia Arkapore.


SOCIETY Symbol of Arkapore  • Official Language  • Anthem • Arkapore Islamic Party  • Arkapore National Party
HISTORY Principality of Tianlands  • Western Bobodolands Federation  • Indokistani Province of Bobodolands  • Indokistani State of Barakstan  • Islamic Republic of Barakstan  • Arkapore-Indokistan Confrontation  • State of Barakstan  • The Republic of Arkapore  • Arkapore Conflict 2014
POLITICS & ELECTION Parliament  • 2012 Referendum  • 2014 Arkapura Constitution Referendum
DIVISION Drawakarta  • Municipality of Arkapore City  • Municipality of Balungbang  • Municipality of Sundapura  • Municipality of Manuk Island  • Autonomy Municipality of Amsidinsiyen  • Dependent Territory of Alonia
PEOPLE Tian Abdurrahman  • Muhammad Amir Syarifudin  • Erwin Susilo
CULTURE & EVENT Dangdut  • Jaipong  • Rock n Roll  • Arkapore Tourism Week  • Star Arkapore  • Arkapore World Expo
SPORT Badminton  • Football  • Arkapore Cup
OTHER The Bewara Arkapura  • Arkaporean Transport  • Arkaporean Digital Defence  • Drawakarta Intermiconational LandPort