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Free Commune of the Williamyians
—  Commune  —
Motto: The most fun city in Burkland!
Map of Williamyia
Country Flag of Burkland.png Burkland
ASR Flag of Northern Burkland.svg Northern Burkland
Territory Williamyia
Province Williamyia
Founded May 14, 2012
Founder Matthew Burklandssen
 - Mayor N/A
Population (2012)
 - Total Not yet assigned
Demonym Williamyia
Postal code 12345
Area code 27 (planned)

Williamyia, officially the Free Commune of the Williamyians, is a Burklandi commune on the campus of an undisclosed school. When Matthew Burklandssen visited the school, he gave himself the pseudonym of King William declared the sovereignty of the Williamyian area and then later transferred sovereignty to Burkland. The Yasser Arafat Lake is a popular sight for Williamyians and tourists alike. While the New Rushymia sublocality is intended as a playground and the rest of the Yasser Arafat sublocality is often used to enjoy nature.

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