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WMA Credit
Wma flag.png
WMA Shield II.png
Official usersUslssrflag.png USLSSR
Atlantis.flag.png Republic of Atlantis
Imperial Salanian Flag.png HSE
Empire of Starland.jpg Empire of Starland
RoK flag.png New UPUC
Flag Of Lbp.gif Los Bay Petros
Istorian Flag.gif Kingdom of Istoria
Fghfgf.jpg Agonos
2828900.png Kingdom of Emerald Isle
25px Free Kingdom of Hansation
Mapaprotecto.png Confederate Protectorate of Andalusia
Pegged toSwissflag.png Swiss Franc
PluralWMA Credits
Coins.10 ₦, .20 ₦, .50 ₦, 1 ₦, 2 ₦
Banknotes5 ₦, 10 ₦, 20 ₦, 50 ₦, 100 ₦
Central bankEconomic Council of the WMA
MintWMA Mint

The WMA Credit was created on the 2nd of December 2010. It was a cross-national currency for the members of the WMA. It had an opt-out policy meaning when a nation entered the WMA it started usage of the Credit and could leave the "Credit Zone" at a later date. It could also be used by non-WMA members with prior knowledge of the WMA.


The WMA Credit was the official currency of the WMA. It was used by the organizations' members to conduct any financial dealing with each other. It wasn't broken down into a subunit but into decimals of a Credit e.g. .50 of a credit. The currency ran alongside any native currency, for example in the USLSSR both the Ruble and the WMA credit were used.


The idea behind the currency came from Alex Ulbricht the Vice Secretary-General at the time. He believed a united currency would bring the members closer together economically and culturally.

As of December 3, 2010, the banknotes were still being designed. The WMA collapsed in June 2011.


The WMA Credit is pegged to the Swiss Franc at parity.
.10₦ = 10 centimes/Rappen
1₦ = 1 franc

Exchange Rate

1 (One) ₦ buys: (as of 24 January 2018)

  • 01.0575 U.S. Dollar
  • 00.8526 Euro
  • 08.19 Norwegian Krone
  • 08.38 Swedish Krona
  • 01.3126 Australian Dollar
  • 01.3055 Canadian Dollar
  • 00.7425 Pound Sterling
  • 115.45 Japanese Yen
  • 59.41 Russian Ruble
  • 12.55 South African Rand

Bills circulated

Bills in circulation
Image Value Description
Front Reverse Front
52591363.png 81769276.png 1 WMA Credit Alexander Connery
5 Front.png Rear.png 5 WMA Credit Alex Ulbricht

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