Confederate Protectorate of Andalusia

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Protectorado Confederado de Andalucía, PCA (ESP)
Confederate Protectorate of Andalusia, CPA (ENG)
Flag of Confederate Protectorate of Andalusia
Coat of arms of Confederate Protectorate of Andalusia
Coat of arms
Motto: "Post tenebras libertas" (Latin)
"Tras la Oscuridad la Libertad" (Spanish)
"Freedom after darkness" (English)
Anthem: Marcha de los Caídos (Theme Sound of Warcraft II)
Location of CPA in Dark Green and in light Green old lost territories.
Location of CPA in Dark Green and in light Green old lost territories.
CapitalBerené (also called Brenes)
Official languagesSpanish
Andalusian Spanish
Demonym(s)The Protectorate (shortly)
The Atlantean Andalusia (popularly)
GovernmentConfederal Republic under Protectorate of the Republic of Atlantis. The democratic system had a lot of frauds
• President
Juan Carlos Valls Vandoma
• Prime Minister
Raziel Brenes Zuri
LegislatureProtectorate Parliament
EstablishmentNovember 26, 2010: Failed claims of Balearic Islands and the Republic of the Falkland Islands, congregation in Andalusia how only micronational territory
• Census
aroud 12 (population)
6 (citizens)
Time zoneUTC +1

The Confederate Protectorate of Andalucia (CPA) is a micronation located in Andalusia (South of the Kingdom of Spain). Micronation was founded by the merger of three predecessor states into old Undercitizen Kingdom: Andalusian Confederation, Republic of Malvinas Island (occupying the Balearic Islands of Spain) and Social Republic of Rota (successor state of Thule).

No micronation recognized the Kingdom of Undercity, as the physical micronations which formed the Kingdom of Undercity decided to revive and unite under one flag, but because of the crisis that had the Confederation of Andalusia, the micronation access tube to be a protectorate of the Republic of Atlantis.

The Protectorate is a member of the Atlantis Commonwealth.

The micronation have dissolved in the Civil War in Andalusia.


The Four Microstates

The principles of CPA can be traced back to the founding of 4 Microstates of Spanish MicroWikia:

  • The Confederation of Andalusia (communist government).
  • Thule micronation (government aristocrat).
  • The Imperial Commune of Northrend (government anarchist.)
  • The Republic of the Falkland Islands (democratic government).

These micro intermicronational were isolated due to the failed attempts of diplomatic recognition with other micronations. So they made alliances with each other and closed completely between these micronations. Although ideologically were antagonistic (Andalusian Communist Thulenianos Fascists, Anarchists and Falkland Northrendños Democrats) these are carried internally very good and their leaders were very careful to speak on equal terms. Among the leaders are:

  • The Chancellor Juan Carlos Valls de Andalusia Confederate.
  • The Lord Ruthven Augustus Darvell of Thule.
  • The Anarchist Emperor Raziel Brenes Zuri of Northrend.
  • President Conrado Montiel of the Falklands Republican.

They get along very well and made frequent economic tradeoffs in the physical plane micronational. They began to develop between themselves and participated in several wars (Wars Villains) which encouraged the military culture (which will later be his downfall) and the anti-macronational. Were several months that passed, and these were falling continuously micronations hasa its complete extinction.

The following leaders: Juan Carlos Valls, Lord August and Conrado Montiel his companions left a micronation build a fully digital with the support of these. Micronation was called Kingdom of Undercity, but just in misery. No micronation recognized the micronation.

Ally Decline

Andalusian Confederation and the Republic of the Falkland Islands were the only existing micronations the Old Testament. Andalusian Confederation began to lose Wars villains, as his allies did not offer enough help and eventually began to free areas of southern micronation, to leave him alone in North Sevilla (Andalucia Confederate Protectorate). The Commune Northrend Imperial Emperor fell and Anarchist, Raziel Brenes Zuri, it became Andaluz. The Republic of the Falkland Islands laid eyes on the Balearic Islands to be limited to physical and Hispanic micronations occupy illegally. Thule, with the death of its leader, lighted older trasnlado to Rota which followed its relations with difficulty with the Andalusian Confederation and the Republic of the Falkland Islands.

Union and Protectorate

The crisis that led the Andalusian Confederation over which the Republic Falklands (economic) made these had to raise a Confederate merger for the survival of micronations. That crisis also affected the Rotena Social Republic was forced to follow the same steps as their allies. Under an act formed the Confederation of Western Andalusia, the Balearic Islands and the Falkland Islands. Still, the crisis could not be stopped and was again high intermicronational isolation.As accepted by the name of Confederate Protectorate of Andalusia, Balearic Islands and the Falklands.

Crisis and fascist independence

Malvina Republic eventually began to stop being active in Confederate affairs, until he gave away total. That led to the Falkland Islands and the Balearic cease to be administered by the Confederate Protectorate and leaving the country is a moral crisis (the popular mind to say the weakness of the micronation), military (the government's freedom to expresses its intention not to recover) and economic (not have their resources). This was seized upon by the parties of the Protectorate (PDR: Democratic Revolutionary Party Juan Carlos Valls and PNFR: Fascist National Party Siegreicher Alberico Rota) to restore the splendor of intermicronational Protectorate. The November elections were won by Juan Carlos Valls. Alberico, resentful, striving for independence from Rota. That would give rise to the Civil War in Andalusia.