Andalusian Civil War

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Civil War in Andalusia (Andalusian Civil War)
Date17 Decembrer 2010 - 23 December 2010
Result Peace and dissolution of the CPA and RSP
Andalusian Loyalist
Mapaprotecto.pngConfederate Protectorate of Andalusia
Grand Fascist Coalition
Rotena Social Republic
Commanders and leaders
Juan Carlos Valls
Raziel Brenes Zuri
Alberico Siegreich
7 9
This war was causing in Atlantis the First Antifascist War.

Civil conflict began as an independence movement by Alberico Siegreich, which claims independence Fascist Rotena Social Republic. This tension arises Atlantis did in the First Antifascist War. What at first was a Revolutionary War was transformed into a Civil War after Alberico inteciones annex the CPA with the help of his "Grand Coalition Fascist".


The causes were behind the presidential elections in November, which Juan Carlos Valls win. This causes blamed Alberico Atlantis and the Protectorate government under a corrupt government and had rigged the elections. The first days were disputes and peaceful negotiation attempts to avoid the war but failed. Atlantis Forum commented that strategies take between the government of Atlantis and the government of Andalucia. Eventually peace was far away with the support you received Social Roten Social Republic of the Empire of Rome which attacked causing Atlantis First Antifascist War. Day 17 December 2010, Juan Carlos Valls Foreign Legion of Atlantis command placed rebel field.

The war would begin on December 19 just after the formal declaration of war against the Rotena Social Republic.