Vladislavia (Cheslovian Krai)

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Vladislavia Krai
(Cheslovian)Владиславийа Краи
(Russian)Владиславский Край
(Vladislavian)Владіславскі Крій
Vladislavia.png Vladislaviacoa.png
Location of Vladislavia Krai
Capital Kuraisk
Official language(s) English, Cheslovian, Russian, Vladislavian (co-official)
Leader Cheslovian Federal government

Vladislavia is the largest Cheslovian Krai and is located in the easter Sector of Cheslovia. The Krai borders Mostar, Tamir, Borisov and Slavinia.


Vladislavia is the most geographically diverse krai of Cheslovia due to its size. Tho the west are the Kurai hills, where the city of Kuraisk is, to the north are the Great Kaznian Steppes and also the Aivan Marshes which lie on in both Tamir and Vladislavia. To the east of Vladisalvia, are the large forests of Bolshoy and Severniy as well as the river Burakhest (pronunced like Burahest). Aside from the Kurai hills in the west, to the east lies the Terter hills. Vladislavia is home to some of Cheslovia's important cities such as Belgreid, Borisivka, Sontsovka and Kiyev.


Due to Vladislavia large size, the federal government has further divided the Krain into "Uulus's" (Cheslovian: Уулуусўш, Vladislavian: Юлусос) which is very unusual for a Krai. Normally Krais are not divided into other subdivisions, however because Vladislavia is one of the largest Krais in Cheslovia it is divided into other subdivisions, this to make reporting news and government statements easier, for example one wants to refere to Kuraisk city, instead of saying "western Vladislavia" (which could mean any place from the Perestoy forest to the Torzhok river) one could say "western Sakhak Uulus", which would pin point the locatoin which is being discussed. The only other Krai which is further divided is Slavinia, which is divided into Koshuun's.