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  • Republic of Ultamiya: The Ultamian government has announced it will be releasing a propaganda poster that was made earlier in the month. The poster is directed toward a "singular nation which will not be named at this time" and it is not stated whether it will be positive or negative. The poster was previously released over Skype in a private chat. The poster will be found in the signature of President Salapa, or "AuburnAttack21" whose avatar is Ultamiya Microball, later in the afternoon.
  • Domanglian Federation: After two days as the Theodorist Kingdom of Domanglia, the Domanglian Federation has returned to power. What started as a popular movement soon became an bitter argument, as support for the theodorist government dwindled. The creator of the revolution, John Gordon, is to be put on trial for high treason.
  • Republic of Serendipity:After negotiations with the President of the Democratic Republic of New America, it was declared that Serendipity had annexed New America. Their national government has since then been turned into a local government. They will continue to exist as a semi-autonomous province Serendipity. The citizens of New America have been granted citizenship in Serendipity and will be able to vote for a parliamentary representative within the next week. As the New American government transitions to accommodate the coming changes.
  • Empire of Austenasia: Following its dissolution in March 2010, the Imperial Air Force has been re-founded by the Imperial Air Force Act 2012. This has brought the number of those serving in the Austenasian Armed Forces up to 26, the highest number of enlisted members since the Austenasian Civil War.
  • Federal Republic of Havnesgade-Amager: Following new developments in the trial of the former Federal Chancellor of Amager, Alexia Wynn, along with five other citizens of Amager (including the deputies of the Chancellory) have been ostracized from Amager permanently. In other news, the Federal Elections will begin on Monday. The President, Premiers, Deputy Leaders and Deputy Chancellors are up for election/re-election.
  • Domanglia: A group of Domanglian citizens led by John Gordon have commenced a coup against the government, declaring the Theodorist Kingdom of Domanglia. The King, Ciprian I, has removed Darkovar Neconstantianeski from power and installed the new Theodorist government, termed the 27th January Movement.
  • Raministan: The government of Raministan has called for a national moment of silence every hour on the hour, as well as all flags to be at half-mast, even foreign flags. This was imposed to remember the victims of the holocaust and in observance of January 27th as International Holocaust Remembrance Day.
  • Soviet Socialist Republic of Dallingrad: Premier Ewan Whitmore has announced today the restart of the Dallin goverment after it was disbanded nearly 2 years ago. This change comes as part of the major reforms on Dallingrad.