Tarvitian Army

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Tarvitian Army
Tarvitian Army.png
Founded 21 February 2019 (Neuki Army (2018))
Country Kingdom of Tarvit
Type Terrestrial Force
Motto "Leads the field"
Previous Engagements Mouse War (Neuki Army) (2018)
South Mcarthian Intervention (Neuki Army) (2018)
Current Engagements None
General Gen Keenan Carr
Marshal Msh. J Sykes
General information
Headquarters Tyatsy' (Scottish Wolf Barracks)
Active personnel 3
Ensign Tarvitian Army.png
Logo Army Promo Logo.png
Active 8th Biological Warfare and Mele Regiment
17 Regiment Royal Corps of Observation
15 Regiment the Royal Vislas

The Tarvitian Army is the terrestrial forces branch of the Kingdom of Tarvit that was widely active as the Neuki Army pre-Tarvit, the majority of the Tarvitian Army's duties were handed to the Tarvitian Cyber Service and Tarvitian Air Force upon the merging of the Tarvit Republic and the Kingdom of Neuk to form the Kingdom of Tarvit. The Tarvitian Army retained all Neuki units upon the amalgamation and has remained in it's post merge state since.


Neuki Era

Pre-Tarvit, the service was known as the Neuki Army as it was the terrestrial forces branch of the Kingdom of Neuk involved in the Mouse War and South Mcarthian Intervention. Formed by, then, Kaiser Keenan Carr I it was given the task of protecting the interests of the people of the Kingdom and it's monarch. It successfully upheld that duty throughout it's service to the Neuki Crown.

Tarvitian/Neuki Merger

Upon the merge of the inactive Tarvit Republic and the Kingdom of Neuk, the Tarvitian Army was formed by the amalgamation of the two nations forces. The hierarchy and structure was adopted from the Neuki Army and training areas around Tarvit Pond were adopted from the Tarvit Republic. The Presidential Guards unit of the Tarvitian Republican Self Defence Force was disbanded with no amalgamation with a new unit.

Tarvitian Era

The Tarvitian Army was loosely involved in the Afrax Values Intervention in late-March 2019 while supporting the Tarvitian Cyber Service in enforcing Tarvitian Values. As the intervention involved no physical altercation, the Tarvitian Army's 17 Regiment Royal Corps of Observation was utilised to provide intelligence to the Cyber Forces. The 8th Biological Warfare & Mele Regiment were put on standby in the case of any physical action by the opposing parties.

Unit Structure

Tarvitian forces are structured within two Battalions, one is an active fighting Battalion (1st Battalion Royal Vislas) and the other is dedicated to secretive saboteur/infiltration operations (2nd Battalion Abyssinian's Watch). The battalions were established on the 15th of May 2019 by L.M. Sir Keenan Carr in a bid to better structure Tarvits Army in light of the Afrax Value Intervention where the use of a covert use of force was encroaching onto the negotiating table.

Regiment Battalions Purpose Battles
VIII Biological Warfare and Mele Regiment 1st Battalion BWMR Equipped with shovels and rat poison and used as militarised pest control. Mouse War
17 Regiment Royal Corps of Observation Abyssinian's Watch Battalion Used to gather intelligence and watch Tarvit's enemies while also working in a saboteur role. 1. South Mcarthian Intervention
2. Afrax Value Intervention
6th Battalion Royal Corps of Observation
15 Regiment The Royal Vislas 3rd (Kingdom of Fife) Local Support Battalion Founded to facilitate the Rex's local insurgency support initiative and support values operations on direct order of Rex. Lachlan. Currently engaged in insurgency operations related to the Bell Baxter Pupil Freedom Movement.
1st Values Battalion Royal Vislas


Upon Tarvit undergoing it's reactivation during August of 2019, Rex. Lachlan, for the first time in the micronation's history, opened the Kingdom to the possibility of supporting small local "insurgencies". The Rex stated that, in light of the current state of affairs involving institutions surrounding and governing many of his peers led him to advocate for the support of small organised groups that support Tarvitian Values in the hopes to allow voices to be heard by those at the bottom.

Name of Insurgency Subgroup Purpose Support
Bell Baxter Pupil Freedom Movement Sixth Year Movement The BBPFM was formed in response to actions of a new Head Teacher at Bell Baxter High School who undermined mental health issues and pupil freedoms in pursuit of "Upholding a strict behavioral policy". The BBPFM aims to keep actions taken against pupils to a reasonable and measured level, protecting the freedom of the pupils to feel safe and included in an educational institution. The Kingdom of Tarvit supports the BBPFM Sixth Year Movement through educating and advising the senior pupils to lead the organisation.
Fifth Year Movement The support given to the Fifth Year Movement directly by the Kingdom is limited, Tarvit prefers for the insurgency to govern itself and mostly leaves the Sixth Year Movement to lead the organisation.